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  • Dedicated to Magdalena Mejia <3


   How do I begin when there is no beginning? One moment I’m wondering what lip gloss looks best on me and now I’m afraid I won’t see the sunlight of tomorrow. So since this has an understandable beginning I guess I will just start on my own…Sitting in my classroom looking out the window when suddenly I saw a man in a pitch black coat sitting on one of the school benches looking straight up at me I look away in suspense.


 I gather my books and start heading out the door when suddenly Mrs. Serenity stops me and asks if I wanted to stay for some tea. The twich in her eye sets me off even more then the guy outside “ no thanks” “oh well that’s to bad” she leans for her desk as she pulls out something that is smokey silver without waiting I get out the classroom and speed towards the exit as I her footsteps and gunshots behind me. When I finally get out side I throw myself into the bush near the benches the guy sits right in front of the bush I’m in I think to myself. this isn’t safe.

“Here Vicky Vicky”

I hear Mrs. Serenity’s footsteps

“That’s enough” the guy says.

“But the task-

“I’ll take care of that.” She heads back to the school as I roll out of the bushes and run home.

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