Day 2 - Where is Daddy?

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"Kevin, Kay!" Helen called out. They had been watching television when she'd gone into the kitchen to make some hot chocolate. Now that she was ready with their mugs, the kids seemed to have disappeared.

"Enough of hide and seek, kids, mummy's not in the mood. Now come out and get your hot chocolate". Within seconds they popped their little heads from behind the Christmas tree at the far corner of the room, laughing.

As they sipped their drinks Kay looked up. "Mummy, where is Daddy?"

"Yeah" Kevin chimed in, "Who's going to take me to soccer?"

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"Yeah" Kevin chimed in, "Who's going to take me to soccer?"

Helen smiled nervously, trying to hide her tension. It was already five o'clock, and she had no idea where her husband was. She looked down at her son. "Honey, there is too much snow, the game will be on another day"

Disappointed Kevin started to protest but gave up. "When is daddy coming home?"

"Very soon, honey. Very soon. Now drink up"

They nodded quietly and went on drinking their chocolate and Helen excused herself.

She walked to the kitchen and called Sam again. She didn't want to talk to him in front of the kids. She didn't want them to start worrying. Getting the answering machine again, she hung up. Her mind was imagining all kinds of mishaps and she had begun to fear for Paul's safety. She decided to pay Sam a visit at his home. So, Helen marched into the lounge room with two little jackets in her hands. "Kids, we are going to Uncle Sam and Aunty Glenda's".

Pulling into Sam's driveway, Helen had a ton of questions weighing down her tensed mind. She got out and opened the door for her children.

"Helen!" Glenda exclaimed and ushered the three of them in. "What brings you here? It's been so long! And you brought the kids!"

"Sorry to drop in on you unannounced, but I need to talk to Sam," Helen said.

"Sam?" Glenda looked concerned, "But he's not in town, dear".

"Sam's not here?" Glenda shook her head. "No wonder. I've been trying to get a hold of him at his office since this morning."

"What is the matter?"

Helen glanced at her kids. "I'd rather not discuss it in front of them".

Glenda nodded and turned to children. "Would you two like to watch a movie? I've got loads of cartoons!"

Kay nodded and followed Glenda into the TV room, her twin brother at her heels. Helen quietly followed the trio.

Once the kids were settled, the two women made their way to the kitchen. "Something is bothering you. What is it?" Glenda asked reaching for the kettle.

Helen sighed, tearful. "Ever since last night I've been having this feeling, I need to know where Paul is."

"And you think Sam might know?"

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