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We arrived at the hotel. Mimmie was running a fever. This wasn't just a cold we were talking about. This was serious business. She had to stay in one of the two rooms by herself to get some rest.

The rest of us went to the other room. The ex-boyfriend decided to go to his girlfriend's house for some privacy so they weren't at the hotel room that night.

Barry's number two also opted to take his lady Mary and keep away for the night so it ended up being just a few of us. It was Sally, Tina, Barry, Guy1, Guy2, Guy3 and myself.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I can't even be bothered to give them names. They were Barry's friends, a part of our group yes, but still, not worthy of my time. I could call them Tom, Dick, and Harry, but that would ruin my image of Tom so the names Guy1, Guy2 and Guy3 stand. Moving on.

Barry was drinking heavily and getting pretty horny. Sally was as well and she started to kiss on Guy2. Guy2 was pretty excited about this as was evidenced by his massive erection.

Barry spotted the action and moved over to the two of them. He sat down on the bed next to them and leaned in and kissed Sally on the neck. She leaned into his kiss and turned her face to look at him.

Fire in her eyes, she kissed him hungrily. Guy2 looked pretty stunned, but he didn't let it show. He rubbed his hand down her thigh and back up again moving closer towards her sex with his fingers. While kissing Barry she moaned into his mouth "Yes, Guy2 that's good"

This small encouragement was all he needed and he moved all the way between her legs pressing his fingers into her through her jeans.

"This would be easier without these jeans in the way," he said.

"Are you asking me to remove my clothing?" she asked cooley.

"You bet your fine ass I am!" Guy2 sang. She chuckled and stood up.

Sally started to slowly undress as she did a slow dance.

"Someone put some fucking music on, let's make this interesting." she hollered.

Tina turned on the radio and found a station. With that, Sally began to slowly undress. She was in her element and flying high on good vibrations. She walked over to where Tina had been sitting and guided her off the couch.

Tina with her long thick black flowing hair had a stunning look. Her skin was a light caramel and she had the deepest black eyes I had ever seen. Her breasts were the largest in the group and she also sported an impressive ass.

It was clear why she was one of us. As our resident "Joker" Tina never took herself too seriously. She was the Ying to my Yang since everything was always serious in my eyes.

Sally began to undress Tina and this drew the attention of both Guy1 and Guy3 as well as Barry and Guy2. All eyes were on the both of them. It was truly a sight to behold.

When Sally was just in her panties and Tina was in her bra and panties Barry and Guy1 stood up and made their way over. Guy1 grabbed a hold of Tina from behind and began to grind into her with his erection. I could see her growing excited as her nipples hardened and her hips swayed pumping herself further into his crotch.

Barry and Sally was deep tongue diving and Guy2 had come up behind Sally while Barry was kissing her from the front. He ground his erection into her backside causing her to arch her butt back into his pelvis encouraging him to continue.

Guy3 seeing that he was left out, got up and stood in front of Tina and started to kiss her passionately. I watched this scene unfold before me as they moved slowly towards the bed and started to get into it.

Sally looked towards me and called "You want to join us?"

Barry chimed in "Yeah, this is a good old-fashioned orgy. Come on girl."

I looked at him like he lost his mind. "No, thank you. I think what is happening here is fucked up. Mimmie is sick in the other room and Barry is being a cheating bastard."

Barry looked up from his tit and with indignation said: "Mind your own fucking business."

"What happens to my friend is my fucking business, you cheating fucking bastard."

His face grew red with anger. "You high and mighty Bitch. You think you are better than me. Well, fuck you. You are just mad because I won't fuck you."

"Please, you were just begging for me to join you 5 seconds ago. Don't flatter yourself. I would never bed you even if there was no more cock in the world. I guess we'd have to go extinct before I would let that thin, skinny excuse for a cock enter me."

His anger was visible, his muscles were twitching and he looked like he was going to get out of the bed and punch me. Sally saw it too and decided to de-escalate things. She leaned in and started to dip her hand into his underwear and stroking his cock.

"Alright, let's all calm down. Cathy isn't interested in participating and that's alright. Let's keep our cool. OK?"

"Fine, but I think that Mimmie should know about this. She has a right to know who she is fucking." I said in between sips of my water.

"You fucking bitch!" he spat.

Sally looked at me with a pleading eye, begging me to let it go. For her sake, I would let it go. I wasn't angry with her, she was who she was. She did what she was allowed to do and nothing more.

She wasn't a betrayer. I knew that much. Her being here with him like this meant that she believed it was OK. I knew that on a basic level but there was something about the way Barry took without giving that annoyed me. It resonated so deeply into my psyche that I couldn't let it go.

I couldn't drop it and that bothered me too. What was it about him that caused me so much agitation? For Tina and Sally's sake, I decided to let it go and sat there drinking while they fucked each other. The images of their bodies doing things to each other will be permanently etched in my mind.

There are things that should never be seen but once they are seen they can never be unseen. Why would I want to bring Jeremy into this world? I was going to have to keep him away from us. Little did I realize that he and I wouldn't last to see the next weekend.

Our agreement would end. I would never have forgiven myself for allowing him to join this. My thoughts went back to the mystery man that I saw at the gazebo.

His angelic face and soft features, no, he surely couldn't enter my world. It wasn't for the faint of heart. It wasn't for the weak. We were vicious and cruel and we'd spit you out and throw you away. All of us, monsters of our own design. Creators of our own cruel destinies. Broken.

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