My Eyes 2 - Chapter 01

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It was the most awkward Sunday family lunch Eliza ever had.

Despite the six people eating, the only sound over the table was of them chewing and drinking.

Shit... I knew it'd be awkward... it's not like my religious mother would accept her lesbian daughter's girlfriend in the blink of an eye... but to think no one would say anything, Eliza thought, glancing at Bianca.

The redhead didn't seem bothered by the awkward mood. All she did was eat the feijoada as if there was nothing wrong around her.

Despite her stomach churning due to the silence, she couldn't help but feel relieved. It's not her fault, but technically, she's the cause of this... actually, we both are...

But I'm glad Bianca's not affected by this mood... I'd hate if my mom made her uncomfortable... I wished my family treated her like they treated my ex...

Eliza glanced at her mother between bites. The nurse was solely focused on her plate, as if the feijoada was the most interesting thing in the entire world.

C'mon, mom. You make that like twice a month... it is really that interesting you can't make a single comment? Usually you never stop speaking at the Sunday family lunch...

Eliza sighed in her head. I know I'm being too greedy... it was already amazing of her to invite my girlfriend... especially after catching us naked in bed... in the hospital you work... but can't you at least try... please?

But the girl knew it was beyond hopeless asking something of her mother at this step. Inviting Bianca and not force me to have a conversation with the priest was a huge step for her already...

It's as Bianca says... Baby steps... baby steps... freaking baby steps...

As she ate her food, Eliza couldn't help but glance at the other side of the table, where her brother and his girlfriend. He's so lucky... he can be with her and mom won't say anything... he can go out and hold hands with her and one even bats an eye at them...

The girl knew she couldn't hope for any help from her brother. She didn't know what, but he wanted to ask something from their parents and would risk irritating their mother to help his sister.

So the last person Eliza could turn for help was her father. Dad will help his little girl, won't he?

"S-so, dad... h-how's everything at the PD...?" she asked tentatively, hoping that was enough to start a conversation.

"Busy... too busy," the police officer said in a tired voice, stopping the knife and fork. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "The press's been asking me to give interviews every day. Me and Eduardo..."

"Because you two were the ones who found those notebooks that helped my dad?" Bianca asked suddenly.

Eliza coughed on her juice. As the redhead patted the girl on the back, she widened her eyes to Bianca. What the hell read, why are you bringing that up? Do you wanna give me a heart attack?

She hoped her eyes transmitted her thoughts to her.

"Yes. It was actually Eliza who found them... but she asked me to keep her name out of it," he said with a sad expression.

"It was for the best, honey," her mother said suddenly. "After... everything, Eliza needs to rest... take a break from all..."

Hey mom, glad you recovered your voice. I was afraid I'd never hear you screaming at me again, Eliza thought sourly. Then she turned to her father.

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