Chapter Seven: I'm not perfect but I feel perfect in your eyes.

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Chapter Seven: I'm not perfect but I feel perfect in your eyes.

Tuesday night.

GEORGE'S jaw dropped as he took in Lydia's appearance. To him, she was always beautiful and tonight was no exception.

Smiling up at him from the doorway, was his blushing beauty. David just grinned and walked over to Marlon who was standing beside Freya. Leaving George alone but not for long as Lydia made her way towards him.

"Hi," she said, smiling at him. The expression on his face making her giddy. He always looked at her like that in the mornings, though she never told him. She liked it.

She loved him.

Taking her hand in his George smiled, "hey, Lydia." Looking around Lydia took in the atmosphere of the frat house. The party was in full swing and now that she was with George, her night could only get better.

She didn't know what to expect tonight after hearing and reading about college parties but Freya reassured her that it wasn't all bad. Anyway, Lydia wanted to do this for George and herself.

She wanted George to party with the rest of the football team but he'd rather stay home and cuddle with Lydia for the night. So, she was trying new things, trying to fit in and make a better effort at making friends.

A reassuring squeeze of her handmade her snap out of her thoughts. Chuckling, Lydia shook her head," this isn't like the movies at all."

George agreed with her though he knew that already, nothing is ever like the movies. He saw Lydia's gaze land on a group drinking beer and sitting together, playing a game.

Spotting a couple guys from the football team, George decided that the game must be related to sports or drinking.

Though he couldn't have been more wrong.


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