new guy part 2

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Did you hear what I just said " he leaned into me and whispered

If I say I wasn't scared I would be lying . The truth is I was practically shaking.

"Just leave me alone , I don't know what your talking about ." I tell him while I'm foolishly hoping that he would believe me and leave me alone.

"I don't think you heard me right Aphrodite.So let me say it again, I said l know you know who lam and l also know who you really are, more than you know yourself. " he leaned up closer to me while saying that, making me feel uncomfortable. From what he told me l had a feeling that the reason he was in this school was because of me .

Instead of replying to him , i just moved my chair away from him putting a reasonable gap between us . Without even looking at him , l moved the book l was meant to share with him in the middle and pretended that i was reading so that i wouldn't get in trouble with the teacher.

Doing this gave me the the opportunity to think of what i was going to do about him as well as think about his sole purpose of me. There was nothing special about me. I was a girl who loved nature and sometimes i felt like a freak due to the fact that l felt as if i heard voices whispering around me . Especially when i was around things like trees and plants along with nature like things.

Deep down in my heart I know that the dreams I seem to be having are connected to him concidering the fact that he is the villain in my dream. The dream which I have been having almost everyday single day. That same dream that always leaves me feeling scared and confused.

It's as if someone is trying to warn me about Ifor but l was too stupid and scared to listen untill it was too late . So far from the dreams l know that hes some sort of God and that he's really really evil.

However now that l know hes someone not to mess with , lm going to avoid me like a plague. Besides that i need to tell people about my dreams and how Ryder aka Ifor was evil because l had a feeling that something real bad was going to happen.

After spending more than one hour knowing Ifor Ryder was watching me as in watching me with a creepy smile on his face was torture that when I heard the bell go on, l was so happy that l ran out of the classroom before anyone.

Before leaving i told lucy to tell my friends that l was going to spend my break time in music with my music teacher Mr Blake. He was the coolest music teacher and the guy was 24 years old and HOT. No matter I never missed music lesson, that's how much l loved this lesson.

"Hi sir " l greet him when l go inside the classroom.

"Hello Aphrodisiac to what do l awe this pleasure of having you here in classroom " he says and once again he calls me Aphrodisiac nickname l hate so much but according to him its much better than Aphrodisite.

"Nothing really , l just thought i should spend my break time here to practice this song called sipping on fire by florida georgia line. Its this coubtry song I heard yesterday and fell in love with the song. "

" marvelous, do you have the chords on you , l csn play the guitar for you and you cando the singing if you want. " he asks me

"That would be great Sir " l reply while going through hand bag looking for the mudic sheet.

After giving him the rextra mysic sheet, l make my way to the piano and started practicing playing the chords on the piano without singing though. Looking over to himm l saw that tuning the guitar he took.

We spend almost fifteen minutes practicing playing the chords until l got used to them mainly because l didn't want to mess up while singing. Truth be told Mr Blake didn't really need any practice but me on ther hand l did because l made so many mistakes while practicing.

" You know Aphrodite , themore you look at me like that , the more your gonna mess up while playing the chords."

" You know what I give up, why dont you play the guitar and l will do the singing because this is not working oyt for me. " l tell him.

" l did mention that earlier, if you were listening you would have heard me saying it "

With a smile on my face I tell him to start playing the intro so that I could join in .


By the time the bell rang , my worries were not as bothersome as there were this morning. I guess music is the only thing that could make me forget as well as make me feel better.

" l can see that you feel much better Aphrodite.When you came in something wad offf about you, its as if you were running from someone. And if you want to talk anout it ,l'm here." Mr Blake says with a serious look on his face.

"Thanks sir, and l will keep that mind " l tell him.

"Good and you know Aphrodisiac l still don'tunderstand why you keep on refusing to join our school choir. " he says while putting chairs in their correct positions.

" ugh really sir really, no offence but it's full of the younger years plus barely have time to join choir. Remember l'm still trying to get used to everything ." I reply while getting up fro my sit so that i could him set up the chairs.

"I guess this is where you gave been hiding Aphrodite." Announces Jack as he comes in with the rest of the students before Mr Blake could even reply back to me .

"Hey Jack " l wave at him , making my way to my seat. This lesson was live and it was one of those lessons l enjoyed because l had all my friends in it.

"Aphrodite , omg Ryder is in this lesson. This is a dream come true " she dreamly state.

" oh , l also had him for English " l tell her, trying to hide the shock l'm in . I had a feeling he made sure he was put in all my lessons.

Without waiting for her reply, l looked around the classroom trying to spot him . "I'm here if your looking for me mon amour. " Max sings in a mocking manner as goes to sit somewhere far from me knowing l would have necked him.

"Shut up Jack " Jack and I shout at him at the same time . Looking behind me to give Jack a smile , my smile went as l saw him coming over with Ryder holding a chair behind him.

Acting on instinct l tell Mr Blake that l was going to ladies room and run out of the classroom so that l can call Jack's mum to come pick me up however l did not make it that far since l suddenly found my self pushed hard against the wall with Ryders sinical face in front of mine.

" you know it's rude to ignore or avoid people when they have been nice to you Aphrodite." he calmly say while looking right into my eyes.

" Your sick and Evil Ryder whatever your name is. There's no kindness in you " l spit at him and give him the eye contact he wanted.

" You want evil , l will show you evil Aphrodite " he slowly whispers to me and before l could even react he picks me up by my neck and starts choking me.

I tried fighting him but the sinical look on his face told me that he was going to choke me to death. Plus fighting him only seemed to make it worse.

"Help somebody help " l heard someone shouting that l felt relief in my body as well as a spark of hope that l was going to survive.

"This isn't over " he tells me and then throws me hard across the corridor and disappears .

" Aphrodite " l hear Jack and my friends shouting my name . I try to let stay awake but eventually darkness the darkness wins.


hope you enjoyed this chapter, sorry for late update. Had a lot  of uni deadlines the last few weeks. 

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