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But it was just too embarrassing to face him. Every time he tried to say anything to me, I would always could come up with a excuse to leave. I have always felt bad about too. Especially since we were always in the same class since then.

But now it would be to awkward to interact with him. Why am I such a jumble of nerves around him.

I fliched when I saw him move. I quickly look back down towards my notes. Trying to remove my blush of embarrassment off my face. A quick tap to my desk made me jump. I looked up to meet his beauiful emerald eyes. "Y-y/n Do you have a pencil?", He asked in the cutest of voices. I nodded and starting fumbling around with the insides of my bag.

I found what I was looking for, I quickly pulled my hand out of the bag and gave it to him.

Normal P.o.v

But little did Y/n know as she pulled a pencil out of her bag her notebook fell onto the floor. She nervously gave it it him, with a quick smile before getting back to her notes.

Y/n's P.o.v

I looked down at my notes. Then a loud bell rang, signalling that class was over. I grabbed my bag and left the classroom rushing to my special spot as fast as I could. The cherry tree behind the school, my destination.

Izuku's P.o.v

There she went again, always leaving first. She was so pretty and talented. Every since the day she saved me, I may or not have formed a crush on her. Well scratch that, a huge crush on her. I just always admired her, the way she was so confident and strong. I can't help this feeling inside me. But I know for a fact she doesn't like me. He always tries to get away from me or leave every time I try to talk to her.

Sighed grabbed my grabbing my bag getting ready to leave. But something caught my attention, a F/C notebook. With the name of Y/n L/n scribbled on top of it. Curious me went and picked it up. It wouldn't hurt if I took a peek at the first page right? I flipped the cover over to see words on the first page containing 'Y/n's drawings'. Oh she draws. I flipped threw it to see pages full of amazing drawing of random things. But nonetheless the all were very detailed. I flipped the next page to see.. myself? It was a picture of the back of me, from the seat behind me.

She drew me when we were in class. I felt honored. And kinda happy she noticed me. A mad blush tinted my freckled cheeks. Now I was on a mission to return it to her. I put it in my bag and lefted to find her.

Y/n's P.o.v

I turned the corner to see a beautiful tree. I smiled to myself. I went and sat against the tree which I call Hanaki. The tree was perfect against my back, and I love the scenery it gives when the petals fall around me. It's just so calming. I reached into my bag, trying to grab my special notebook. I furrowed my eyebrows, I couldn't find it.

Maybe I left it at home or something. I must not think the worst of things like always. If someone ever went in there I'd be done for. I think i would drop dead of embarrassment. I sucked in a long breath trying to calm my worried mind. I leaned back into the tree counting the petals that fall.

A touch to my shoulder scared me half to death. I turned my head to meet familiar green glossy eyes. "O-oh my gosh Midoriya you scared me.", I said blush forming on my face. I watched his face form a tiny frown from calling him by his last name. "Oh I'm sorry a-about that", Izuku said scratching the back oh his neck. "S-so did you need something?", I said in a semi-quiet voice.

"Actually yes, you dropped your notebook", he said pulling the book out of his bag and held it out to me. Panic started to set in me. I quickly took it, but he started to walk away. I got up grabbing his wrist. "D-don't tell me you l-look in i-it?, I said a mad blush covered my face.

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