New beginnings

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4months later ......

The dream

Aphrodite..... Aphrodite.............Aphrodite ............. Aphrodite .........Aphrodite ...........Aphro ---dite

" You of all people should no know better, did you think you could hide from me, do you really think you can protect these pathetic people from me, and lastly did you really think you could defeat me, take me down with those powers of yours."

" *Sighs* I guess you are one stupid, dumb, bitch, with a death wish because if you knew what's good for you .... you would have joined me and we could have ruled side to side maybe even as lovers "

"Ifor what do you want from ?"

"What the fuck do you fucken what from me?"

"How about I tell you what I'm going to do with you and your people Aphrodite, since you refused to kindly join me .....I'm going to kill every person you seem so keen to protect and then I'm going to kill you the way I killed Amelia, now the answer to your question I WANT POWER, I WANT TO RULE THE WORLD AND I WILL APHRODITE, I WILL."

I woke up screaming with sweat dripping all over my face. Calming my self down I started thinking about how strange it is that I have been having this dream for almost three months. Today is my 18th birthday, how wonderful.

"Aphrodite today is your 18th birthday and things have changed, your going to enjoy your life and don't let your past ruin it for yar "

"Cheers to that," I say while getting off the bed.

Looking around my room felt like as if I was actually seeing for the first time. For the first time l actually wondered how my old room looked like at the packed house, in fact, l bet it was bare plain and boring compared to my room here that was filled with posters of main boybands, things like trees, flowers and of course pictures of my friends and family and not to forget my room was filled with plants which my friends thought was really weird but I couldn't help myself I loved my plants.

Call me crazy or anything but somehow a tiny little part of me actually missed Damien, I guess it was because of the whole mate bond thingy. Thinking of Damien made me think of his bestfriend and also my brother Jason. His name brought bitter memories of how everyone in the packed house including him banished me from the pack without thinking about my condition. If it wasnt for Jake I believe i could have been killed by a rogue and I wouldnt even be were lam right now.

" It's my birthday

It's my birthday

I'mma spend my money

It's my birthday

It's my birthday

I'mma live my fantasy"

I started singing and dancing to this song while going while making my way to the bathroom to fix myself up, for i had a long day ahead of me.


After l finished bathing and wearing a cute outfit, l decided to go downstairs for breakfast because l was starving.

As soon as l opened my bedroom door l came face to face with Jake, Okay more like face to chest with the man himself.

"happy birthday mon amour," Jake said as he wrapped his arms around me.

"Thanks, bestie" l said with a muffled response.

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