banished part 2

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The dream

" Goddess its time " A young man came in and bowed his head showing respect.

"Thank you Tyler i shall come in a minute, " she told him and gave him a nod, as soon as she said that he practically ran out of the room.

She started walking around the room which was surrounded by plants. The plants in the room seemed dead as she walked and touched them saying goodbye.

She closed her eyes and started chanting

"Ce sera le jour où je mourrai. Mes plantes vont mourir avec moi. Déesse veuillez Grand-moi un sort. Si je meurs, il meurt et je sais qu'il doit revenir à la vie. Je veux utiliser un sort qui permettra de sauver mes plantes et aussi un sauveur qui sera en mesure de contrôler et de mettre mes plantes à la vie."

(This will be the day I shall die. My plants will die with me. Goddess please grand me a spell. If i die he dies and i know that he shall come back to life. I want to use a spell that will save my plants and also a saviour who will be able to control and bring my plants back to life.)

As soon as she finished chanting, she made her way outside where everyone was waiting for her.M any people who respected and disliked her parted to make a way for her because her presence screamed power.

"Ahhhhh how nice of you to join us Amelia " A sickening voice greeted her while walking towards her with like he owned the place.

Looking around she saw her family and friends, who seemed to be crying as if they knew what she was going to do. She gave everyone a smile trying to tell them that everything was going to be, with one last look she turned to the monster who stood right in front of her, darkness oozing from him.

" Amelia my darling your time is up you must choose a side and you know what to do, all and what I'm gonna do is give you two options. Option one is that you will join me and we will rule the world, Option two well you will stab yourself with this dagger and die with your useless plants. However, your death will put me to sleep for a longer period of time but then when I woke up people will suffer ." The evil man told her with an evil smirk on his face.

Amelia knew how evil this man was and she would do anything to protect her family and her people. With that being said, without hesitating, she plunged the dagger in her heart. Dropping on the grass, her painful screams filled the castle. As she died the beauty of nature died with her.

I woke up from this terrible dream that I can not seem to escape, on top if that I have a pounding headache and this dream seemed to have drained all my energy. Even with my eyes opened darkness always seems to welcome and consume me that sometimes I feel like what's the point of me opening my eyes when I can't see a goddamn thing. I guess its a burden that I will have to carry for the rest of my life. I would do anything just to see and welcome light with a big smile on my face, well too bad that can only happen in my dreams.

"Mon amour are you okay " I heard a familiar voice and felt a warm hand picking me up from where I was sleeping only to hold me in their arms.

"Jake stop worrying I'm okay, " I told him while bringing myself closer to him wanting to feel safe because after the dream I just have the only way I can feel safe is if Jake is with me.

"Aphrodite you look so pale and sick , and did I tell that since you fainted in my arms in the forest you have been out for 6 days and not to forget in those six days you would only wake up screaming then you would go back to sleep because that dream you see to be having left you drained" Jake was practically shouting and from that i realised I was being a bad friend to him and acting like a bitch.

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