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Since Damien announced that he caught me hanging around with a vampire for the past five minutes it has been quite I guess people were trying to sink his words in and they just couldn't believe.

"Aphrodite you have brought shame upon our family and our pack, from this day forward you are no longer our daughter. We have disowned you and I don't know what's gonna happen but I'm pretty sure you're not stepping foot in my house " I heard my father say while my mother was just saying yes yes yes yes just like the perfect wife she is. Honestly, I didn't really give a shit because for as long as I remember they disowned me the moment they found out that their child was blind and would never shift into her wolf. In fact, the whole pack would say whatever they want to say and I wouldn't really care as much as I cared right now when the only person I looked up to in this pack broke my heart with the words that came out of his mouth.

"After everything, we have been through Aphrodite how could you backstab me huh? , you can't even answer my question because your ashamed of what you have brought this pack into and you know what I don't even want to hear anything from you because from now on I don't a have sister shes as good as dead for the better." Jason says with no hint of emotion what so ever and to tell you the truth it hurts so fucken much hearing him say those words to me that I just couldn't control my tears.

"Jason, please let me explain, I tried to tell you I just couldn't do it because I know you would always put the pack before me and I really tried to tell you so many time," I told Jason as I dropped on my knees while crying my eyes out and to tell you the truth what Jason says broke me .

" Bitch you don't even deserve to say my name or even cry because your the one who betrayed me, so don't you dare say my name and think if you cry I will feel for you and forgive you " I just couldn't stop crying, I had betrayed and hurt my own brother and you know what, I deserved everything he has said to me tonight."

"Will you stop with the crying for fuck sake Aphrodite, you should have thought of that when you were playing around with a bloodsucker and you know what Aphrodite you are dead to me " Jason my only brother said those words to me.

"You are dead to me " those were the words that kept playing inside my head and the words I kept hearing

People were saying hateful words like she is our enemy, she should be banished or no a death penalty and this and that.T hose words they shouted at me didn't mean anything to me because my head kept replaying the moment that Jason says "you are dead to me".

Even though I was pretty miserable right now If I really wanted to leave this place alive I had to be strong for my self and for Jack ."Damien baby since she's my friend, I think we should just banish her don't you think ?. I mean it's not like she's going to survive the rogues out there in the forest with her blindness" Out of nowhere people just stopped talking that was when I realised that Naomi their new Luna was talking betraying me in my presence.

After that speech Naomi just made, I decided to wipe my tears and to stand up because crying wasn't going to get me anywhere and also I realised that the most many people were cheering and clapping for Naomi.

"I agree with what Naomi has said as the Alpha of the Blue Moon Stone. So I hereby banishing Aphrodite Bonito Gilbert from this Pack, only giving her 20 minutes to pack her things and leave my territory. If she fails to leave within 20 minutes I give permission to her killed since she is now a filthy rogue". Those were Damien's final words directed to me as a warning telling me that I only had 20 minutes to leave his territory or else he will kill me himself.

So here lam standing here by myself with no one to protect me and truth be told I'm so fucken scared, I mean I'm only blind I can't see a thing, I'm practically exposed to harm and also how the fuck is I going to survive out there in the forest.A certain phone ringing in my pocket brought me back to reality that I remembered only one person might save me and person was calling me right now.

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