Chapter Six: Makeup or make-out, that's the question.

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Chapter Six: Makeup or make-out, that's the question.

Tuesday evening.

LYDIA smacked her lips together, starting to like the light pink colour on her lips. It was safe to say that she hadn't used makeup much throughout high school.

She never really been into it but she didn't mind wearing it now and then. Though Freya was a master at it and she didn't mind showing Lydia the basics.

So, now Lydia knew what contouring did.

Smiling at herself in the mirror, Lydia spun around in her white heels. The black skater skirt showed off her long legs and the plain cropped top suited her nicely.

Freya appeared behind her in the mirror, also smiling as she took in her own appearance. They were both so different yet, both beautiful.

"Ready to go?" Freya asked and Lydia didn't hesitate to answer, "yeah, I'm ready."

George helped Marlon and the rest of the team set up the keg and put the valuable items away in a bedroom. While laughing and messing with them at the same time.

Though as the clock struck ten the guest came rolling in and George was astonished at the crowd that was already beginning fill the frat house.

David tapped his shoulder and handed him another beer which he'd thanked him for and like every other beer that night he placed down on the nearest table. He didn't want to drink tonight.

He had a match tomorrow and if he was the only one going sober tonight then so be it. He wasn't messing up the chance to play tomorrow.

Lydia walked through the front door of Marlon's frat house and she was slightly shocked by the crowd. She could see around fifty people just in the living room.

Freya pushed her further into the house until she seen the one person she'd been dying to see.

Standing in the middle of the kitchen, talking to another blond boy was George.

Her George.


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