Come stay with me

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While Jack was driving we occupied ourselves by singing songs, a certain song by one direction came up making me go hyper because I just love this guy so much, man there are just amazing guys with beautiful voices.* sniff * unfortunately before I could even utter a Lyric someone just had to ruin it.

"We are here Aphrodite " now you know what I mean when I say someone had to ruin it but anyways there just had to wait. All I could do was nod my head and got ready to open the car door but Jake already beat me to it.

"Allow me Mon amour, " Jake says as he opened the door and got me out.

"WOW, such a gentleman " this time I thought why not tease him for fun even though I was really really grateful for the gesture because none has ever done this for me.

"Shut up Aphrodite " was all he could say before shutting down the door.


As we walked hands in hands I couldn't help but feel alive but the feeling went away when I felt as if someone watching me or something.

"She's the one, She's the chosen one " I kept hearing those words over and over again as I was walking which was creeping me out that I moved closer to him because with him being here I know he will do anything to protect me.

"EHHH Aphrodite are you okay, " Jake asked me at the same time he brought me closer to his chest.

"Mon amour I'm fine, I was just feeling cold that's all, " I told him as I wrapped my hands around him to make him think that I was really cold.

"Aphrodite baby don't you ever say that again, I mean you just killed it, man, you know it sounds much better when I say to you " I don't what I did to deserve this but Jack was shaking the life out of me.

"Jeez woman, just because I said mon amour to do does not give you the right to shake me like that " In a second I was lying on the ground with Jake tickling me.

"Jake stop, " I told him through my laughing fit, sadly he kept tickling me. "I'm sorry " I shouted hoping he would stop and thank God he did because I'm sure my laugh is just off-putting meaning I still need to work on it though I don't really laugh that much.

Him stopping did not stop me from laughing whatsoever and I don't really understand why I think I'm going mad why would I laugh like that for nothing.

"Are you like done now " this time I stopped after hearing what Jake says and got myself together.

"Yes Yes I am, now can you please give me a hand so that we can get going, " I told him at the same time I brought my hands out for him.

Instead of him giving me a hand, all he did was pick me up and gave me a piggy back ride without a warning as he started running so fast.

When he suddenly stopped I just knew this was our place and I was here with him just like old times, this was just a beautiful moment for me because he was here is with me. What more could I want?

I got off his back and decided to sit down since the reason we came here was to talk. I was about to sit down when Jake pulled me into him making me sit inbetween his legs , Its not like I minded anyways .

"let me hold you and smell that intoxicating scent of yours Mon amour for I have been gone for years and those years I felt lifeless knowing I wasn't going to see you Aphrodite" Jake whispered in my ears and all I could say was okay and scooted closer to him.

"Aphrodite tell me about that friend of yours and please be honest because there's something fishy about that girl. She can't be your friend because the day we first met I was wondering inthe forest by myself when I heard and saw Damien making fun of you infront of your own brother and the other kids ,Naomi and that kate girl were standing next to him laughing in your phone. From what I saw today I would say these two girls are still bestfriends and they want to do somthing bad to Aphrodite . " After a few moments of silence, Jake finally spoke up and from what he said I knew he telling the truth , honestly since I heard what Naomi said yesterday I have been feeling so scared that I'm not gonna be alone with her in my bedroom or anywhere .

" Letting out a defeated sigh , I didn't know she was plotting to destroy me which is why she fucken befriended me , I mean when you left I was so lonely and depressed but then she came along and befriended me and also she even stood up for me when people like katy picked on me . She was really nice to me so I thought she was like you and we always did things together Jake. " I told jack feeling like a complete idiot .

" Aphrodite what do you mean by destroying you," Jake asked and I could tell that he was really worried about me .

" Yesterday on my way to my room I overheard her talking about me with Kate I think talking about how they want to get rid of me , I'm so scared Jack . At home the only person I can trust is Helen and Jason , even though I trust Jason my older brother its not like hes gonna protect me or turn against the Almighty Alpha Damien ." I tell him letting my guide down for once in my life

"Hey listen to me Mon amour I'm never letting anyone hurt you again okay," Jake told me while giving me a hug , I didn't realise that I was now shaking and he was trying to comfort me .

"Aphrodite don't freak out or anything ,its just I really care about you and If I loose you , I don't think I will forgive myself or even live If I cant protect you all the time" From listening what Jake was just saying I cloaked that what he was going to say was a big deal .

"Jake will you just spill the beans already, I'm loosing my patience and your kinda scaring me," I told him hopping he will tell me .

" This may sound crazy but I want you to come and live with me and my family , my father also would like to do some test on you to see whats wrong with you so that he can help restore your eye sight " Jake told me and now I understood why he was nervous .


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