Dinner part 2

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" Aphrodite stop talking to your mate like that " those words Naomi said kept playing in my head over and over ,maybe it was because i didnt want to believe those words came out of her mouth because shes meant to be my bestfriend so am i dreaming or something . i mean the Naomi i know wouldnt dare open her and say that infront of everyoen knowing Damien rejected me .

"Hey Naomi i asked you what you meant by mates " Damien's mum interupted my thoughts because what she said immediately caught my attention which meant my duty was to make sure Naomi doesnt tell her that Damien and i are mates .

" Ohh i meant Aphrodite and Da" i started to panick knowing what Naomi was going to say so quickly before she could even finish what she was going i interrupted her by pretending to cough , okay whats wrong with Naomi i was bare feeling bad that i ditched her with Jack ,infact i didnt ditch her she should have stayed with me no matter what but she just left without even saying hi to Jack and here i was feeling guilty for not telling since she was my bestfriend and honestly the only friend ,what the fuck was she trying to prove the answer truthfully i had no idea.

Putting aside what happen at school today the whole Jack thingy does not give her the right to try saying Damien is my mate infront of everyone without my parents or Damien's parents aking , i find it hard to believe that people from the pack house didnt tell them about me and Damien being mates.

In a way i'm kinda glad that they have no idea that we are mates . What i'm trying to say is that Naomi croosed the line this time , i mean if she was my friend she wouldnt have opened her stinking mouth no matter how mad she is with me becasue a true friend does not do that to their best friend .

All those years i have known Naomi today for the first time i'm questioning and thinking about my friendship with Naomi . Did she use me and pretend to be my friend . But then i'm blind so i guess she just used me so that she could be close to Jason and Damien.

i dont know what to think anymore im so confused i dont even know who the girl sitting beside me . if i wasnt blind things would have been different by that i meant my parent would have loved me like they love Jason , Damien wouldnt have rejected and i would have known whether Naomi is two faced or not . But then i guess you could say dont judge people by their cover which is sad really because i'm like being judged by my blindness or looks .

i was in deep thought that i didnt hear my mum asking Naomi if she could give me water because apparently my fake cough was very disturbing to them by that she means i'm disturbing her .

" Mr and Mrs Gilbert i thought i should inform you that that Naomi and i are mates " this time it was Damien and i was so shocked that he actually said that , whats with people today.

"APHRODITE IS YOUR MATE DAMIEN HOW , WE DONT UNDERSTAND " both of Damien's parents were practically yelling that at the same time which was so weird but then since they are mates its likely to happen most of the time .

" Damien i believe that you should reject her not to disrespect you or anything you need to put the pack's safety first , with Aphrodite as the alpha female our pack will become a laughing stock which means rogues and other Alphas will want to take your Alpha position." hearing your own father sayiny that made me feel like i wanted to cry but then im used to them bad mouthing me, are they even my parents well can you really blame me for asking .

" Damien honey you should listen to my husband he does have a solid point , Aphrodite is blind and useless , Look at her she hasnt even shifted " ofcourse i was expecting mum to say that about me ,after all her husband or should i say mate made a really valid point.

"Mr Gilbert i rejected her few days ago i jut couldnt see her as a luna " Damien actually told my dad seeming proud of what he had done.

" Son tomorrow you are to gather everyone for a pack meeting i want you to choose someone that will become your mate and be a suitable Alpha female " Mr Denovan gave orders to Damien and the wierd thing was after he said the whole table was so silent well you could say they want me to go all gaga on all of them .

"Aphrodite are you okay sis , I'm sorry it turned out like that " whoa i completely forgot that Jason was here all this time and hearing him talk to me made me smile .

" Honestly Jason since he rejected my heart has been in pain since however its recovering bit by bit so i dont really care whether he chooses a mate for all i care he can do anything he wants its not my concern " i was just glad that at least i do have someone who loves me .

After having dessert everyone left the dining room to go and start preparing for the pack meeting tomorrow .Feeling tired i started going to my room so thay i could sleep .On my way to my room i had people voices screaming coming from the game room , since i couldnt sense anyone around at the time so i walked slowly so that i could hear the reason why they were screaming.

" omg omg Kate tomorrow Damien has to pick a mate and i so can not wait and when i become Alpha female I'm thinking of killing Aphrodite , infact i would be doing her a big favour " after hearing that i walked fast to my room and locked it straight away .

Getting inside the blankets i was still in shock because that was Naomi's voice and she wants to kill me , i cant believe that Naomi is a back stubbing bitch and how she wants me dead . How can i even sleep knowing my ex bestfriend wants me dead .


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