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"APHRODITE APHRODITE " I woke up hearing someone yelling my name over and over again which was so annoying i mean i was having a beautiful dream and in the dream Eric was so close to kissing well we all know that didnt happen because outside my door there was a certain piccolo who was shouting my name and now that i have woken up i can tell you that the piccolo was Naomi.

"Wait i'm coming in a minute " i shouted as i made my way to my door . "Aphrodite your mum said i should come and get you because Damien and his Parents will be here in a few minutes . Naomi told me this but the way she was talking to me it was like i'm some stranger which proved that she was really mad . I mean do i really have to tell her everything i understand she's the only friend that i have but shes being a complete bitch right now because since the assembly she didnt even try talking to me or ask why i knew Jack anyways its not like i would have said hey Naomi can i tell you a secret Jack is a Vampire and hes my child best friend .

Without saying anything i made my way silently downstairs. As i was walking i noticed that Naomi was walking right beside me so close that at some point our shoulders were touching.Going downstairs was really weird because i was used to this girl talking alot. Stepping inthe dining room i was stopped by Damien's mum hugging me .

"Awwwww Aphrodite sweetie i haven't seen you for such a long time " she told me while hugging the life out of me .

"Hello Mrs Denovan how was your trip " i told her hugging her back which seemed to make her which made her sqeez me more.

"Omg I had so much fun there , the island itself was so so beautiful " she told me while pulling back from the hug and man this woman was so hyper jeez i was just asking how the trip was.

"Oh Aphrodite you shouldnt have asked my wife that , now look shes not gonna shut up at dinner table " Mr Denovan said while making me laugh , swear down this man was so funny.

"Hello Mr Denivan " i greeted him laughing . "Hello Girls how are you " this time he asked us sounding serious . "I'm good " Naomi and i said at the same time this actually almost made me laugh because i forgot that she was standing right next to me .

"Okay you lot the food is ready , Damien and Jason , not to forget my husband are complaining because there are waiting for you guys " mum said .

Naomi silently took hold of my hand and took me to my sit like i needed any help, not to be rude or anything i have like one chair i that i always sit on when having dinner what im trying to say is that i know how to sit by myself or make my way to that chair so i dont really need help sitting on that chair. I mean since i was five years old when i was locked inside the house they teached me how to use a braille which is why i find it easy at school plus i have good listening skills which is so helpful especially when it comes to school . Any ways what im trying to say is that i'm not useless that i cant do things bymyself however my parents thinks i need help which is one of the reasons why Naomi is here . The reason shes here is to make sure that i dont make a full out of myself or should i say embarass them in front of the guest , infact usually they just bring food to my room so the only time i eat with them is only if there's guest inthe house.

So here lam sitting down munching my food queitly and i guess everyone is doing the same thing and i just keep having this feeling that something bad is gonna happend and when i say bad i mean bad. "So Aphrodite is there anything wrong with you and Naomi , there seem to be tension between you two " Ahhhhhh the devil himself has decided to break the silence, ohh how i hate him .

"I dont know why your talking ,whatever happens between her and me its non of your business" i tell him not caring whether i sound rude or not.

" Well its my business as long as both of you are in my pack " the jerk had the nerve to shout at me using his Alpha voice infront of everyone which meant that i had to submit to him. Whatever was all i said before going back to eat my food.

"Aphrodite stop talking to your mate like that " ahh man how could i forget that Naomi was sitting right next to me and as soon as she said those words i started chocking on the food that i had been eating ."Naomi what do you mean by mate " this time Damien's mum cut in .






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