The parents

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Holly macaroni was all I could say because that was my father's voice I guess you could say tada Aphrodite your parents are back. OMG, I'm in deep shit right now the reason I say this is because my parents are here, how and why I thought they were supposed to stay for like a month.

flash back

"APHRODITE AND JASON WILL GET DOWN HERE FOR A MOMENT " mom's voice startled me and made me fall from the bed. whaat I'm just saying her voice does not sound sweet and innocent when she's yelling, not to be rude or anything she sounds more like Smeagol Gollum and man it's so scary, you might wonder why a blind girl would know who Smeagol Gollum is. well, Naomi is really obsessed with lord of the rings that when she watches it on tv or DVD she always makes sure that I'm there with her all the time. 

Since she always explains to me what's happening and well Smeagol's voice is easy to recognise oh man how i wish i could see how he looks like loool, "So bright... so beautiful... ah, Precious" loool Smeagol's voice always made me laugh and what he was always saying in Lord of the rings .

looool okay, now I can't stop Laughing right now. So here Iam going downstairs to meet my mom while trying not to laugh because the whole Smeagol thingy just makes me wanna drop on the floor and laugh so hard.

I made my way to sit on the sofa and Jason soon joined me , right now we are waiting for her to start speaking . "okay kids Damien's parents have invited your mother and i to go to Maldives for like a month which means Jason will be in charge and you Aphrodite will listen to him and don't you go in the forest just because we are leaving do i make myself clear" at least dad told us the reason why mum called us but what I didn't like was them saying i should behave what could a blind a do .

"What your father forgot to tell you was that we are leaving today right now so please Aphrodite behave for our sake" ahhh the wife was now talking and again whats with them saying Aphrodite behave blah blah blah blah . When the doorbell rang that's when mom and dad hugged us and said goodbye and of course before they left they had to remind me to behave again this seems to make Jason happy because he couldn't stop mocking me about the whole Aphrodite behave thingy.


" DO I LOOK LIKE I'M TALKING " my father practically shouted at us and i can honestly say he does not sound happy at all and believe me when i say at all. His wolf was talking to us this time and let me tell you when a wolf is in control it's usually angry.

"NO FATHER " Jason and I both replied to him at the same because we did not want to mess with wolfy when he's angry and talking to us. Okay, I don't know what his problem is that he is that angry it's not like we did something wrong or something.

"WE LEAVE FOR A WEEK FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE YOU WERE BORN AND BONITO YOUR ALREADY CAUSING TROUBLE WITH YOUR BROTHER THE ONE PERSON WHO ALSO CARRIES A BURDEN ON LOOKING AFTER YOU WHEN HE SHOULD BE HAVING FUN " okay you could say he was angry at me by the way he was shouting and what he was saying to me, I mean he just came and he doesn't even have a fucken clue on why Jason and I were shouting and he's already blaming me wow . I gotta say what he said about me being a burden on them hit me hard in the chest that I couldn't even talk that's how hurt I was. Who knew words could stab you that much ahhhhhhhh I could feel my tears wanting to come out but i had to be strong for myself.

"Your father is right Aphrodite you should be appreciating the help you receive due to your blindness from your family instead your causing trouble to your older brother who should be out there hanging around with Damien, instead he's stuck here looking after you really Aphrodite really " 

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