16: I am never leaving

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When we got home, Wesley sat on the couch and watched movies for the rest of the day and would start to cry whenever Mitch or I would get up from the couch. He refused to let us leave and of course we stayed to help him feel better, but when it came to dinner time, Wes refused to move.
I eventually got him to lay with me while Mitch got up and made dinner and while Wes and I cuddled and watched a movie, he turned and looked up at me.
"Daddy?" He asked in a quiet and soft voice.
"Yes, buddy?" I tucked his curls back, "What's up?"
"My hand hurts.." he pouted. "Help,"
"I know, I'm sorry. What hurts?" I asked. "Can you point to it?" He nodded and pointed to the spot where his stitches were. His doctors told us that that area would be very sore for the next while until the stitches dissolved so Mitch and I were trying to prepare how we would explain that to him.
I nodded and kissed the spot on Wesley's cast, looking up to see him pout. "Do you want some ice on it?" I knew the ice would be useless because he had a cast once but maybe the thought of it might help him feel better.
Wesley nodded and i got up to get him ice. When I returned from the kitchen, I tucked Wesley in and rested the ice pack on his wrist before turning and meeting Mitch by the pantry as he reached for the hot chocolate mix.
"I think he might fall asleep soon," I told him, causing Mitch to look up. "I feel so bad for him, Mitchie. Can he sleep in our bed tonight?"
Mitch nodded, "yeah. I want him to stay with us for a few nights. My parents wanted to have him spend the night, Thursday. They leave Friday night and wanted to take him out to the movies and spend time with him,"
"That's fine with me. Gives us the chance to spend some time alone,"
Mitch smirked and glanced over. "Yeah? And do what?"
"Oh, you know," I wrapped my arms around him from behind and kissing his shoulder. "Cuddle, eat takeout and binge the entire Friends series in our underwear. Again,"
He chuckled and turned, wrapping his arms around me and kissing my chin. "That sounds like the perfect night. Can we eat ice cream and throw in some Sex and the City episodes, too?"
"I couldn't imagine the night happening without Carrie and Sam,"
"Perfect." I smiled and leaned down, kissing him gently as his arms wrapped my around my neck. I titled his chin up and our kiss deepened only for a second before we both pulled back and chuckled. I kissed his forehead again before stepping away and letting him finish dinner.
I stood by his side and we kept up conversation until Wesley walked into the room with his blanket wrapped around his shoulders and his casted wrist against his chest.
"Hey buddy," I turned and crouched infront of him, tucking his hair back as he rubbed his eye with his good hand. "What's wrong, love?"
He sniffled, "where did you go?"
"Oh buddy," I sighed and picked him up, "I came to help daddy with dinner. Do you want to help us?" He nodded and I sat him on the counter. "How do you feel about pasta and hot chocolate for dessert?"
"Yes please," he nodded again. "Cott stay for dinner?"
Mitch nodded, "Scott's not going anywhere, love. Don't worry,"
Wesley blinked up at me, "Promise you won't leave?"
I didn't hesitate; "I promise, Wesley. I am never going to leave you and daddy. Ever."


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