23) Now or Never

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She came with them during the night. I'd drifted off into a deep sleep, my body exhausted when I felt scaly claws grab a hold of me and pulled me out of my bed. Emily, a look of satisfaction on her smug face. I was more than confused. "Pet, my arse!" she said to me. "It's snack time for you" and she laughed.

Fear gripped me. I knew she meant I was to be the snack, but why and how? I had forgotten all about her, as I was busily planning our escape. The only time I had seen her was during my tests with Dr Augustine, I never once saw her with the other hybrids or even during training. I mentally slapped myself.

She stood staring at me, as if there was something troubling her and she couldn't quite work it out. As I struggled in their arms, she stepped closer and sniffed me. Wrinkling her nose she said " Well, you wont be his favourite anymore." 'Did she mean the Doctor?' I was confused.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked. She stepped back to allow them to drag me out of the sleeping quarters, as the rest of the Hybrids looked on. "You shouldn't have killed Rufus, you've made him pay attention to you. And you will NOT take my place". She sounded like a petulant child, I half expected her to start stomping her feet. But instead she followed behind us. The Draconians dragged me down a corridor, one I had passed on my first day. I remembered the huge cylinder pot, and the humans in cages. All awaiting their turn to die as food.

The smell was stronger this time, or maybe it was due to my fear of the place, that made it stronger. Whatever the reason, I could see many cages now stood empty, a few still held humans. The Draconians shoved me into an empty cell, as Emily watched.

Two more Draconians came into view, their musky smell was more pronounced and I knew what that meant. I'd already been ravaged by Rufus, I could not, would not let it happen again. But my fear was almost overwhelming as I knew what it was they wanted. Emily, was almost hopping with glee as she watched my terror overtake me. Briefly I wondered what had happened to that small little girl I had once met, to turn her into this evil, obviously unhinged woman who now glorified in my knight mare.

It seemed as if I was to be used for both mating then food, if the images they projected were right. I threw up in the corner of the cell as I read one of their minds. And saw that they'd done this numerous of times, to them, this was what it was all about. I scooted back as far as I could until I felt the metal bars digging into my back, they unlocked the cage door and advanced towards me.

My body, began to ripple of it's own accord. My skin fell away, revealing multiple layers of green scales. As my body's defense mechanism kicked in. Anger was the crutch I used to stand up and face my attackers. Collins taught me to use my emotions, to better able to understand myself. My heart squeezed as I remembered him. My vision sharpened, as did my hearing as I prepared to go down fighting.

I was so busy thinking of the best way to attack, that I didn't notice the hybrids entering the food chamber. They were stealthy and quick, I realised that they were here to help me escape, when one dispatched Emily quickly and quietly, her body seemed to glide down the wall, leaving behind a red splash on the cavern walls. The two Draconians began to grab at me, while I evaded their claws. The remaining Draconian put up a fight, and the two in the cage with me, realising what was happening went to help their own. But they were overpowered by the hybrids. It was a messy, yet quick defeat.

Lolita checked me over, as I assured her I was fine. I asked Lucas to fetch Elvira and the strongest of us. As today, we were getting out. A buzz of excitement seemed to hang in the air, each and everyone of the hybrids knew that this was our bid for freedom. It may have come quicker than we had expected, but nonetheless it was here and we were ready.

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