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The TARDIS lands a short distance from my student accommodation.

"I won't be long," I promise, picking up a few stray belongings around the console. "Apparently there's a parcel I need to pick up."

"No worries, I'll stay right here," she beams, and I head outside.

I rest my key card against the receiver and the front door unlocks, and I take the lift eight flights up to our flat. I use my key card again to swipe into the flat, then head for the kitchen.

Sam and Kiera are sat down inside, talking as they eat. We exchange a quick 'hello' as I move past to pick up my parcel, then I leave them to their conversation as I open the box. It's strange – I don't remember ordering anything recently.

I peer inside the box, then pull out a large keyring shaped as Loki's horns. I definitely haven't ordered anything like this recently. As I move to touch the helmet, the door flies open and the Doctor stands, panting, in the doorway.

"Don't touch it!" she says, but my hand is already on it. I drop it almost immediately, but it's too late. Her mouth opens to call my name, but in the next second I'm ripped away from the kitchen.

I land on a hillside somewhere and roll a short distance before stopping. The keyring is nowhere to be found, and, looking around, I don't think I'm still on Earth.

I consider staying where I am, knowing that if the Doctor can trace back the energy signatures of the keyring, this will be where they lead her. On the other hand, a golden city lies on the horizon. And if a Loki keyring is going to take me anywhere, it's Asgard. The temptation is just too great.

Without a moments hesitation, I start towards the city.

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