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As I stepped in the TARDIS, I pulled a brown parcel out of my bag excitedly. Almost immediately, the Doctor turned away from the console to face me, her eyes widening when she saw my grin.

"What's got you so excited, Chloe?" I held up the package. "Oh! You got mail! What do you think it is?"

I placed the box down, looking back at the Doctor. "I'm not sure," I replied. "I was hoping that it was a video camera or something, but it just appeared on my bed as I was packing. I don't think that's how mail works. Especially on Earth in 2018."

I could've sworn that I saw a glint of excitement in the Doctor's eyes. She picked up the package and looked at it. "There's no markings on it except for your name. That also doesn't seem like a regular mail thing." She paused. "What do you say we open it?"

"I say why not?!" I excitedly tried to open the box. It felt easier to open than other packages. I looked up at the Doctor. "Could these be red flags to danger?"

"It's hard to tell until we open it," she said, pulling one flap of cardboard out of where it held the parcel shut. "But I have a hunch that it is not dangerous."

Not long after, we got the package open and looked down at what was inside.

"It's just...cheese..." I had so many questions. "Why would someone fill a package to the brim with tiny cheese squares? Couldn't it go bad?"

"There's this cheese factory on another planet, sort of like Earth's moon. Maybe they somehow sent it," the Doctor replied picking up a cheese square and eating it. "Yup. Definitely moon cheese."

I skeptically tried a cheese square. "Okay one, this is actually one of the most amazing things I've eaten, and two, moon cheese?"

"Yeah. It comes from the whole observation that the moon looks like a giant cheese wheel. About 110 years after you were born, the Moon Cheese factory was opened by people on the planet. I was planning on taking you there."

"I think we kind of have to go now..." I whispered, picking up a note sitting in the box.

"'Dear customer, thank you for your Moon Cheese purchase and for visiting the Moon Cheese factory. Singed, the CEO.' I'm guessing we went in the future..."

The Doctor pulled a lever on the console, still looking at me. "Great thought, Chloe! I guess we have no choice but to go, or else we mess up the timeline. This works out great!"

I was brimming with excitement as I ran closer to the console. "So when are we going, then?"

"We can go right now, if you want."

I shrugged. "That works." With that, we were off.

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