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The Doctor wore the Fez like a natural.

"Still me?"

Ryan, Yaz, Graham and you shared a look. Graham was the first to speak.


"Aren't you going to open yours?" Ryan asked as he pointed at the rectangular box in your hand.

You were about to reply, but the Doctor read out the 'Help me' written on her card.

"Duty calls," you told him as you set the box down, and it took Ryan a second to get it.

-time skip to after Keblam!-

After Yaz had returned the little heart locket to Dan's daughter, Graham and Ryan decided to wind down a bit. So did Yaz, as she went off into another corridor. The only two left in the console room were you and the Doctor.

"Aren't you going to open it?" The Doctor asked when she noticed how you were focusing all your attention on the box in your hand.

You fiddled with the tape that secured it, "Kind of afraid to pop the bubble wrap."

"Just a day ago you could have popped all the bubble wrap in the world," the Doctor joked as she came over. Whipping out her sonic, she aimed it at the box and pressed a button. The sonic did its work.

"Ta da! If there were bombs in there, it should be deactivated," she grinned from ear to ear, "Go on, open it!"

Putting all your trust in the Timelord, you took off the first tape. Then the second, the third, and opened the lid of the box. As your hands were about to touch the bubble wrap, the Doctor stopped them.

"Mayyybe it would be best if I take that, just in case," she said as she carefully lifted the bubble wrap away, "Come on then, see what's inside!"

Without a second thought, she threw the bubble wrap to the side. So much for being careful.

"Why're you so anxious to see what's in there?" You asked, closing the lid of the box.

The Doctor gave you a look of horror as you did, "I'm excited!"

"You know what's in there, don't you?"

She pouted and shrugged. Eyeing her suspiciously, you opened the box again.

In it was a brown notebook, a pen, a little device with a button and a flower.

You took the items out and placed them on your lap while the Doctor flung the box away.

"You could start with this first," The Doctor said as she pointed to the device. You did as you were told and pushed the button.

Instantly, a coloured hologram was three very familiar faces appeared. The one with the fiery red hair, the other with a brown mess, and the last in a bow tie.

They started with a hum, then burst into song and all you could do was just stare longingly in shock as they ended with a shout of 'Happy Birthday!'

"I know you're in shock right now, but we thought it would be nice to give you a small surprise!" said Amy.

"What's a better surprise than receiving a gift in a box via delivery! Deliveries are cool!" The Doctor of the past had his arms stretched out.

Rory was the last to speak, "Technically speaking you both forgot until I reminded you."

"Did not!"

You let out a small laugh as hologram Rory cowered away from the outburst of the other two. As soon as that was over, Amy started speaking again.

"Anyway, happy birthday! I hope you actually get this because we're trusting the delivery company that the Doctor recommended. Said he ordered a fez but till now I don't see it-"

"It's coming, Amy!"

"It already has, actually!" The present Doctor who was seated beside you said, as if speaking to the hologram like it could hear her.

"May you still be alive and well when you get it and keep the Doctor in check when we're not around, will you? You're the only other sensible person in the TARDIS," Rory said, whispering the last part. You nodded, a small smile growing on your face.

"Don't listen to Rory, I'm very sensible," the past Doctor said, "Look at you. Growing up. Still that positive ball of sunshine. Stay that way. I've still got loads to show you!"

With that, the three of them waved at you and yelled a 'Happy Birthday' once more before the hologram ended.

The Doctor took the device and aimed her sonic at it, giving you plenty of time to dry your eyes.

"I always wondered when this would come," she said, breaking the silence. She handed you the device and pointed to the notebook.

"Amy gave you that because she knew you loved writing about our adventures," she explained and moved on to the pen.

"That's from Rory. It was from this market on a planet at the corner of the Willow Galaxy," she picked it up to examine it, "I'm not exactly sure if it's actually a real pen but you'll figure it out."

Finally, she talked about the flower, "That's from me. It's from a really faraway planet."

"It's beautiful," you said as you admired the glossy leaves, the yellow petals and the thin, needle-like purple one sticking out from the middle.

"It's got use, you know," she explained, "It acts like a compass. The purple petal points in the direction to your home in case you get lost."

"Which you're very prone to getting," she added in a slightly more serious tone.

"Hey! I don't do that now!"

"Just in case!" The Doctor held her hands in a surrender position, "The last time you got lost-"

"Was with your previous self. I've grown up, you know."

"But you almost died!" She argued, "Nope, I'm not taking any chances. You keep that flower."

A moment of silence lingered between you two before you both burst into laughter.

"Thank you, Doctor."

"Sorry the parcel was late, though, not even your birthday today," she apologised, avoiding your eye contact.

"It's alright, I got to see them again," you said, "It was nice."

The Doctor stood up suddenly and started working around the console, "Then thank you too!"

She flicked a lever and looked at you from opposite the console with a large grin, "I got to see them again."

You felt a surge of warmth spread throughout your body rapidly.

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