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IT WAS A surprise to find a parcel sitting on the floor of the TARDIS when I emerged onto the flight deck.

I watch the parcel with the curiosity, wondering if it's from the Doctor. I'm starting to think it wasn't such a good idea to stay behind, even if I did wake up feeling like I'd been run over by a car ten times over.

I wasn't sure what to think when she barged into my apartment, shouting something about a man named Tim Shaw and aliens. I'm still not entirely convinced that everything that happened afterwards (and is still happening) is real or whether I just had a hell of a messed up evening while I was meeting up with Dan.

Dan. He must be incredibly worried if this really is a dream. It's not often that your under 16 charge suddenly goes completely cloud-cuckoo crazy.

The parcel seems ordinary enough, so I decide that it's okay to get a closer look. I pull my flannel tight around me (the TARDIS is strangely cold) and pick up the parcel.

It's small and almost weightless. I wonder briefly if it's just a custard cream, considering the Doctor's seeming love for them, but I suppose that if it is, I wouldn't exactly be upset.

I sit cross-legged on the floor, leaning my head against the TARDIS and running my finger up and down the smooth paper wrapping of the parcel.

"I suppose it could just be a gift from the Doctor," I say, more to myself than to anyone else. The TARDIS vworps, and I raise an eyebrow. Is it an attempt to communicate with me? An insult?

I open it.

"Is that a... bow tie?


I'M NOT SURE if it's meant to be a joke or whether I'm meant to wear it.

The TARDIS vworps in an almost distressed fashion, and I raise my eyebrow again.

"What do you want me to do?" I ask her. She vworps. I'm not sure why I was expecting anything else.

I look down at my shirt and flannel. A bow tie really wouldn't match the outfit, but I'm sure I could make an exception. I've never been one for fashion.

I fiddle with the bow tie slightly and slip it around my neck. It feels strangely warm and-


I'm not in the TARDIS control room anymore. I seem to be floating in some sort of void.

Is it just me, or does this scenario seem a little cliche?

"Well," I say, largely to myself. "This is a strange situation."

I bob around like a little rubber duckling for about five minutes before something happens.

A pretty young woman hurries past me, holding hands with a tall, gangly man wearing a fez and what looks like the bow tie that is currently tied around my neck. I raise a hand to it subconsciously and watch as the two careen across the void.

"Hello?" I call out. My voice is small and weak.

The woman turns around and looks directly at me with startlingly large eyes. The man beside her tugs on her hand impatiently.

"No, wait," she murmurs to him, and walks slowly towards me, holding out her hand, as though I'm a small, frightened animal.

"Hello," she smiles. I take her hand, suddenly aware of how alone we are.

"I'm Clara, and this is the Doctor."


"I- WHAT? I'M not sure I understand," I say, looking from Clara to the man she calls the Doctor. "The Doctor?"

The man nods in affirmation. "Yup. The Doctor. With a capital D. You know, this is usually the part when some says 'doctor who?' I like it when they say that."

I shake my head unsurely, already feeling the beginnings of a panic attack welling up in my chest. "I- you can't be."

"Well, yes, I very well can be," he says, sounding almost offended. I shake my head again, backing away slightly. This is crazy.

"No, you can't be," I repeat. "I know the Doctor and she isn't you."

"'She'?" Mr. Fez catches onto the word suddenly. "There's a person called the Doctor, and she's a she?"

"Well, I should think so," Clara says, a tad crossly. "Must be a future incarnation of yours."

"Ah yes, that makes sense," he says, nodding.

I sigh and run a hand down my face. This is too much.

"Look," I say, shaking my head yet again. "This... has been nice, and all, but..."

I reach for the bow tie. Mr. Fez seems to notice it for the first time, and seems to start to say something before I undo it, and both he and Clara disappear.



I sit up with a raw gasp, my fingers reaching for the bow tie around my neck and pulling it off. The Doctor crouches in front of me, hands on my shoulders and staring at me concernedly.

"Are you okay?" she asks. "I found you unconscious on the flight deck. You had me really worried for a second there."

"I..." I shake my head, feeling slightly uneasy. "I don't know."

She asks me several times if I'm sure. I affirm.

She leaves me to it after that. I look down at the bow tie, only to see it's become a pair of sunglasses. I slide them on.

I'm in the Void again. This time another man runs up to me - a man with grey hair and extremely angry-looking eyebrows.

"Hello?" he all but shouts at me. "I'm the Doctor, and I'm looking for someone named Clara-"

"Nope," I say immediately, and swipe the sunglasses off.

I decide after that that I shouldn't go around putting mysterious items on.


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