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Week later

Ellen’s POV

“It’s only been seven hours.” I say as Louis starts to complain, “And we have plenty more to go.” I turn my head away from my book to look at him, “And if you don’t shut up I will strangle you.” A smirk appears on his face.

“You have really good patients.” I look at him confused.

“It only too you.” He pretends to check the time on the watch he isn’t wearing, “Two and a half hours to tell me to stop complaining.”

“I was turning you out.” he frowns, “Will you please be quiet? For the people around us.” he smiles and leans down to kiss me, taking my book and looking over the page, his eyes widen before he turn it to look at the cover.

“Fifty shades darker?” he asks looking back at me, I grip the book leaning closer.

“The sequel to fifty shades of grey.” I smirk and he frowns.

“That’s disgusting.”

“That’s what you think, but it’s a really good book.”

“I read one sentence from it and there’s nothing but sex.”

“That’s because im in the middle of a sex scene.” I say as I find my page, as I start to read again I feel my hair begin to be pulled to the side, Louis starts to play with the long strands, wrapping them around each other, plaiting them and im surprised he knows how. “You know how to plait.” I state not removing my eyes from my book.

“I’ve done my sisters hair for school on more than one occasion.” I smile at the thought of Louis standing behind his little sisters doing their hair for school. “Why are you smiling?” he asks and I look up at him.

“I think it’s really cute you know how to do peoples hair.” He frowns.

“Being cute is girly.” I shake my head.

“It’s not.” We start a small argument about whether being cute is girly and it ends up with him kissing me to shut me up. “You only do that when you know im right.” I say looking back at my book, I take a little glimpse at him and he looks amused as he watches me, I smile innocently at him before kissing him again. I was quite happy with the spot my parents got us on the plain, it was a two seater and quite an okay class, when I look around at the people in this part of the plane with us there all older and it makes me wonder if this is the class my mum uses when she goes over seas for her work.

“That’s not true.” I nod.

“But it is, whenever you haven’t got anything else to come back with you stop the argument by kissing me.” I turn in my chair and place my feet up, looking at him as I rest my back against the wall of the cabin.

“Do I need to do it again?” he asked and I turn my head to look to my left, the lady behind me watching us as her husband sleeps beside her, a smile on her face and I blush before looking back to Louis, I bight my lips before nodding, he leans over quickly and presses his lips to mine, my left hand resting on his shoulder my right holding the nape of his neck, the head rest of my seat hiding our actions from the lady behind, he trails kissing up my check before licking back down to my lips, I giggle and I try and push him away, sinking in my seat and I call his name, I try and keep my laughter soft as he starts to flutter his lashes on my cheek.

“Babe, stop.” I say and he only caresses his movement before pushing his lips back to mine, a soft moan leaving my lips, “Louis, stop.” I giggle and he pulls away resting his forehead to mine, both our breathing heavy as we look at each other.

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