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        "His mind's been messed with. The people he's closest to have been erased from his mind. That's why he recognized Impulse, but not you." M'gann explained.
           Nightwing was talking with Impulse and Blue Beetle. They were laughing as they told tales of missions. Nightwing seemed so happy.
            "Is there any way to fix it?" Batman asked. M'gann looked nervous. "Yes. There is a way to fix it. But we would see things Nightwing wouldn't want us to see. And I don't want him to be mad at me." M'gann said.
              Bruce looked at his son. The man he had helped raise. He had no idea who he was. "I'm willing to take that risk. I need my son back." He pleaded.
             M'gann sighed. "It will take hours to days. Just know that. If Uncle J'ohn helps me, it will be shorter, but still a while. We have to comb through his mind, find where the memories are locked. We will learn secrets, just remember that."
           Batman nodded. So what if a few secrets got out? He didn't care. As long as his son was back.
          "I'm going to need the med-bay cleared out. If we do this, we're completely exposed. I don't want to be pulled out, as that may damage his mind even more."
        Batman ordered The two heroes out of the med-bay. They complied, leaving after saying goodbye. Miss Martian pulled up a chair. Batman called J'ohn to the med-bay. He showed up not long after.
         Batman left the room reluctantly. He didn't want to leave his son. But he knew the risks. So he did.
         Miss Martian filled Nightwing in. He agreed, he did need those memories. He was willing to let the martians into his mind. And he was willing to let a few secrets to get out.
        When the martians entered his mind, he was pulled with them. They looked in confusion as he came in with them. "It's your mind, Dick. How are you here?" J'ohn asked. Dick shrugged. "How do you enter your mind?" With that, they began their search for the locked memories.

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