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The night before as Sonora and Blake watched Jorah and his men leave Ian's house, they glanced at each other.


"I know."

Each had their own reasons, but their goal united them. For Blake, it was that if they could rescue Ian before the Atlantians returned, there would be less turmoil, less chance that anyone would get hurt. He was helping the Atlantians and the humans. For Sonora, tomorrow was too long to wait. Besides, neither were convinced that the Marine Center was where he was held. But Sonora's plan was soon dashed.

Sonora grabbed Blake's forearm. "So we can go tonight?"

"It's locked up too tight."

"But you got in for the Artifact."

"Yes, but since then we can be sure they have replaced the alarm and on high alert."

"First thing in the morning, soon as they open."

"Yes, first thing."

Sonora tossed and turned through the night even though she was exhausted. Ian came and went from her until she could no longer find him. She tried to ignore her racing heart and to tamp down the panic. I don't know how this works. Maybe he's just asleep now.

After that, Sonora would doze, jerking awake from time to time, before drifting into sleep again. Once her alarm went off, she jumped from bed surprised by her alertness but figured adrenalin had something to do with it.

Sonora scoured her closet for something to wear. Should I dress like a day at the aquarium? Like I'm just popping in to see my aunt or uncle? Or for what I'm really going to be doing--prowling around the back areas of the place?

She decided on black jeans and a dark blue shirt and yanked them on, and then she scurried down the stairs to the kitchen. She threw a pod in the Kurieg and tapped her finger on the counter until it was done. After pouring her coffee into a to-go cup, she grabbed a protein bar from the cupboard.

As she stepped out of the door, she looked across to her grandfather's house. He stood outside his door waiting for her.

As they drove to the Marine Center, Blake outlined their plan. "There are cameras everywhere, so we act like tourists, we don't want to attract attention. Check out a few exhibits, ask the employees we know for some behind the scenes tours."

"And if that doesn't work?"

"It's somewhere to start. Look for doors in odd places, like they seem to go nowhere, or there shouldn't be a room behind them. We'll circle the building first to get a layout in our head. Bring up a map of the place on the Internet while we do that."

As they circled the building, Sonora questioned an area on the left side of the it. "I don't know, Grandpa, but this seems a little off. It seems wider here in reality than on the map."

"Okay, we'll check that out."

"First thing?"

"No, Sunny. We take our time. I know you're anxious, can you do this?"

Sonora ignored her thundering heart. "Yes, I'm fine. Grandpa, are we going to ask Uncle Devon and Aunt Claire to help us?"

"I've been thinking about that. No, I don't think so." Blake parked the car and turned to his granddaughter. "I know we don't think they are involved, but, honey, sometimes people do things that make sense to them but are—they are wrong."

"Not this wrong, Grandpa!"

Blake had his own history, the history he kept hidden from everyone. If he had killed, was his daughter capable of it too? "Yes, even this wrong."

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