Thanksgiving Special - Pumpkin pies and bombastic news.

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This depicts the first Thanksgiving after the marriage in October. They are married for roughly one mouth.


Looking at the yellowy leaves falling from the trees outside of our bedroom and feeling the cold air that threatens to seep into the house even with the heaters on, I contemplate about the fact that it is already November.

The year passed so fast that it is almost baffling, especially the last month. Was it because of happiness? Marriage is something amazing!

Though, it might also be due to all the rush for the marriage and honeymoon. I almost went crazy from all the stress.

"Harry." My husband calls from the warm bed behind me.

Turning away from the window, I hmm to let him know I am listening and start to walk back.

Pulling open the blankets, I place a pillow against the headboard, snuggle my legs under the covers, and sit.

James helps me fix the pillow before commenting. "My mother called to remind us of next Thursday and that we should bring some food."

Picking up the book I am currently reading from the bedside desk, I nod. "Sure. I can make a pumpkin pie. I am quite good with them." There is always a lot of orders for them at this time of the year.

This is my first time commemorating Thanksgiving with James' family since last year we hadn't been together for long and I didn't feel ready to face them all.

Thought, I ended up going on Christmas.

So I guess I pretty much already know what to expect. Some will be a pain in the ass, some will be like air, and with some, I will have a good time. Nothing out of the norm.

While I let my mind wander and stress about my uneasiness, James looks at me with an apologetic expression. "Hmm, actually, there is this aunt that always brings pumpkin pies and she is very proud of them. Nobody can steal a march on this. Sorry."

That comes as a bit of a surprise but it is not like such a thing would make me upset so I assure him. "Sure. That is fine. I can make something else like......."

What do other desserts people eat at Thanksgiving? I can only remember turkey and mashed potatoes and neither can be qualified as sweets.

You see, it is a holiday my family didn't pay much attention to.

Staring at James, I ask. "What should I do? I mean, what else is traditional for Thanksgiving?"

He promptly answers. "You know, that....." Then stops to think.

After a short silence he suggests, though not seeming much confident. "Something with corn? Corn is traditional right?"

Shrugging, I return. "How should I know? You are the one there every year."

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