The Next Day After That

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Me, Scotty, and Matt clean up Scotty's place and hear Zane say "Dude, what the fuck happened last night?"

Both Zane and Heath come out of there room questioning what happened last night.

Matt says "What happened last night?"

Heath says "That is what we want to know."

Scotty says "Well, (Y/N) will explain some part of it, and I will explain the rest"

I say "So..."

~Skip the explanation~

Scotty says "And that is when she locked you up in your room so you did not do anything else stupid."

Zane and Heath laugh and Heath says "Why the hell are we so stupid!"

Zane says "I don't know! Oh my god! I feel like a idiot!"

Matt says "Feel?"

Heath says "You calling us stupid?"

Matt says "Ya."

Zane says "Well, you are right."

I say "And Matt, we maybe cousins. But the only one who can call Zane and my best friend stupid is me."

We all laugh and Heath says "Ain't that the truth!"


I wake up to a phone call from Heath. I answer it and say "Hello?"

He says "Hey babe, I know we went to a party last night. But what happened there?"

I say "I will say this in the shortest way possible. You got drunk. So drunk that you somehow ended up on top of a roof with a guy wearing a unicorn mask. You called him a magical creature, and you looked like you were about to jump. So I told the guy to bring you down. Oh, and Todd got into a fight and I dragged him out of it. And David brought us home."

Heath says "...Why do I believe that? And why did I dream about it!?"

I say "Who knows with that mind of yours."

Heath says "Ya, you are right, I don't even know what goes on in my head."


Brandon walks in the living room and says "Why am I here?"

I say "Long story short. You ended up at my place, I called Jason, you pissed on Dom's bed, and Jason drove us here. I am suggesting you buy Dom a new mattress before he kicks your ass."

Brandon says "Why didn't you stop me!?"

I say "I was on the phone with Jason!"

David calls me and I answer "Hello?"

David says "Where are you? And why does it smell like piss."

I hand the phone to Brandon. Yep, today was going to be a long... for Brandon.


I wake up to Alex saying "Oh god, how much did I drink?"

I say "How much do you drink to tell me 'I lobe you' and hug me a lot?"

He says "I have no idea."

I say "David said you drank normal beer and some red wine. That is what it was."

He says "Ugh, no wonder why I have such a head ach."

I say "Hold on."

I go to the bathroom, grab him some tylenol and water, walk back in his room, and give it to him. He takes some and drinks the water. He says "Thanks babe." He pulls me next to him and cuddles me. "I lobe you."

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