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I'm sorry if you expected another chapter but I just have to say this.

I am honestly disgusted with people in this fandom. Whether you ship SnowBarry or West-Allen it doesn't really matter, DON'T HATE ON THE CAST! The cast has done nothing wrong they're just doing their job. It doesn't matter if Candice unfollowed Danielle, she probably had a reason okay, they are normal human beings. Don't associate the characters with the cast it's completely unnecessary. If you say your a Flash fan but then hate on the cast, you're not a fan at all and don't deserve to be one. I just saw on Instagram someone get harrassed because they have a fan account for Caitlin. Like seriously?! They don't deserve this. People are allowed to ship whoever they want. It doesn't matter if they're endgame or not. So to finish off the cast is different than their characters, and don't bully people or the cast because of the way they are or the things they like.

Sorry for the rant.


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