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Next day

Ellen’s POV

It was sunny outside my window when I woke, Louis had left early and I was going out to do some shopping for Liam when he looks after the cats, I slipped a varsity jacket over a striped singlet before slipping a pair of shorts up my legs and buttoning them up, I slipped toms on and pushed my glasses further up my nose before leaving my wardrobe then my bedroom and made it into the main room where I grabbed my keys and phone off the island table.

 I took the elevator down to the garage and unlocked my car, dropping into it and head out, once I made it to the grocery shop I made my way in, going straight to the pet aisle and grabbing two boxes of cat kibble, I walked further down grabbing a bag of kitty litter and made my way towards the counters at the front of the store, I placed them at the end of the conveyor belt and looked over the sweets, I gripped a ‘Crunchie’ and placed it with my things as the girl behind the counter rang up my things.

“Twenty seven, fifty.” The girl tells me looking board, I hand over the money and grab my change, I take the two bags and head out, I get back in my car and stop at Maccas on the way back to the apartment, I punch the four digit code in and let the gate to the garage lift before heading in, I park in my normal spot and get out with all my things, I struggle to push the elevator button with my hands full and soon im at the top level. I grip my keys from my back pocket and drop them, once I’ve finally got the key to the lock they fall from my fingers again, I sigh and bend to pick them up again.

“Here, let me help you.” A guy bends to pick the keys up and when he stands to his full height we frown at one another, “What are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same thing.” I say grabbing my keys.

“Liam.” He points to Liam’s door.

“His at school, some where you should be.” I say and force the key in the lock.

“You live here?” I nod and get in the door finally, I close it before he could say anything further and lock it, I throw my keys on the bench and place everything on the island table, I groan in frustration and grab my McDonalds meal taking it towards the lounge where I place the drink on the table and turn the TV on, my phone vibrated with a text, the number I had never seen before.

NUMBER: Didn’t know you wore glasses. Cute.

ME: How did you get my number?

NUMBER:  Liam’s home, Love.

ME: I saw him leave this morning.

NUMBER: It’s called leaving school early.

ME: And you weren’t at school why?

NUMBER: Didn’t want to be and you?

ME: Nice excuse and im take a few weeks off.

NUMBER: Going back to Australia.

ME: Yes.

NUMBER: Why the clipped answer?

ME: I don’t want to talk to you.

NUMBER: I’m so cut.

ME: Good.

I throw my phone to the other side of the lounge and groan in frustration for the second time, as if Sassy knew something was wrong she jumped up and found comfort on my lap, I lay my head back on the back of the lounge and take a single chip past my lips, great, now Harry knows where I live.

I lie in the bath, the hot water soothing my body, I watch the bubbles burst as I listen to Whitney Houston’s 1987 album though my earphones, I softly hum the song as I run my hand though the bubbles, looking over to the cats asleep on the bed for a moment before looking back at the white soap covering the water. My hair up in a messy bun, strands falling down in front of my face, all the curtains closed so the room is dark, I lay my head back and close my eyes, listing to Whitney Houston sing in my ears and feel the hot water on my body.

Louis’ POV

I unlocked the door to Ellen’s apartment, placing them on the bench with hers and making my way down the few steps and towards the opening to her bedroom, the apartment was dark the slightest bit of light from the sun outside trying to brake  though the curtains, I see only her head resting back as she lies in the bath, I hear the soft hum of the music that is loudly playing in her ears and smile as I make my way towards her, he glasses pressed up her nose, her hair up messily, a thin layer of bubbles covers her body, her hands gripping the side of the bath. As if she sensed my presence her eye opened and she screamed, water going everywhere as she slips under the water, coming up coughing, her hands franticly rubbing the water from her eyes, her breathing heavy and her hair now soaked.

“Are you okay?” I ask as her couching starts to sub side.

“You scared the crap out of me.” she throws the ear phones onto the floor beside the bath, a buzz sound coming from them as they just took a dip in the water, she stands in the bath and grips a towel from the stool that sits beside the bath, wrapping it around her naked self as she steps out, “I wasn’t planning on getting my hair wet.” She sighs and flicks the switch to her mirror lights, they flicker on and  she opens the bottom draw grabbing her hair dryer and sitting it on the bench before she turn to me, leaning against the counter as she holds the towel around herself. “How long have you been here?” she asks as I reach for her phone on a small stool beside the bath, unplugging the broken earphones and turning the music off.

“Not long, I only just got here.” She laughs and wipes a bit of water from her left eye, “What?”

“I can see you.” She giggles and I notice her glasses are no longer sitting on her nose, I look in the bath but there is a haze of white bubbles, I pull my jacket off throwing it across the room onto the bed and put my hands in moving them around at the bottom to find her glasses, I pull them out and make my way towards her, we both look down as I dry them using the towel she holds wrapped around her body and I gently place them back up her nose, tapping the tip of it once I was finished casing her to giggle, “That’s better.” I kiss her lips and then turn around to unplug the bath, the water slowly draining.

“How was your day?” I asked and she frowned.

“Harry was here.” I raise an eye brow, “Well not here, but out there, he was going to Liam’s.”

“He saw you?” she nods, “You don’t want him knowing where you live?”

“Not really, no.” she pauses, “Liam gave him my number, well I think. I don’t know, maybe he went through Liam’s phone.” she shrugs, “Doesn’t matter now.” She turns and takes the blow dryer, plugging it in before pulling the hair tie from her hair; she succours the towel and starts the blow dryer. I stand to the side watching until she finally finishes, she brushes her hair into a pony tail and makes her way from the bathroom platform and into the wardrobe behind it.

“How was your day?” I shrug.

“Schools boring as always.” She clips her bar around her breasts after stepping into her panties, a laugh falling from her lips.

“It can’t always be boring.” She says turning to take a shirt off its hanger, slipping it over her body and grabbing tracksuit pants stepping into them and pulling them up to her hips

“No, but most the time it is.”

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