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Harry was running through the hospital with his jacket on one arm and the rest of it flying behind him. He had one shoe on his foot and the other in his hand. He quickly changed and ended up in a pair of sweats he only wore around the house and a baggy t shirt. He looked a mess but he didn't care. He didn't care about the people yelling at him to slow down. He just wanted to get to Louis.

Zayn had told him where to find Louis and that was all it took for Harry to get out of the house as fast as he could.  They were on his tail but he wasn't listening to them. He just wanted to find Louis.

He went up to the fourth floor where he found Louis sitting outside of a room with two girls sitting beside him. They were all wrapped up in each other and Harry's heart dropped. He could hear them crying from where he stood and suddenly he felt as if he shouldn't be there. He never even met Louis's mom so to be here felt like a sudden invasion of privacy.


Harry turned to see Zayn but Liam and Niall weren't there.

"They're in the cafeteria." Zayn spoke as if reading his thoughts.

"I don't think I should be here, Zayn. I never met her."

"It doesn't matter, Harry. You love Louis and you care for him. Both of those things mean being there for him through the tough times and this right now is the hardest thing Louis will ever have to go through. We're all going to have to be there for him. Do you want me to talk to him first?"

Harry nodded his head, "Yeah. That makes more sense."

Zayn hugged Harry, "It's okay, Harry. Louis wouldn't be able to handle it if we weren't all here for him. Just try and calm down."

Zayn shouldn't have been comforting Harry. Harry should have been comforting Louis. But he did as Zayn said and he sat on one of the chairs that lingered in the hallway.

After a few moments he heard a quiet voice.


Harry stood up and without thinking he pulled Louis into him and wrapped his arms around him. He didn't know what to say with his mouth so he let his actions speak for him.

He kissed the top of his head and just held him there listening to the sound of Louis crying into his chest. The sound was heart breaking and Harry wished there was something he could do or say to take the pain away from his boy but he couldn't. He'd just have to do as Zayn said and be there for him.

Niall and Liam pulled Louis into a group hug and Louis let them. He hugged them back and Harry could hear him let out a heavy sigh. It was as if he was carrying the weight on his chest right now and every person he hugged relived him some of it.

"We got you a sandwich." Niall spoke, rubbing his back, "It's your favorite sandwich."

Niall put his arm around him and he led him over to the table that he had been sitting at with Liam.

Liam walked over to Harry and Zayn.

"How is the rest of his family?" Liam asked.

Zayn sighed, "They're not doing good. I don't expect them to. Louis is going to be wanting to spend all of his time with his siblings over the next couple weeks."

"As he should." Harry spoke, "He shouldn't be thinking about me or anything else. Zayn, you have been his best friend for a while now so please just stick with him."

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