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"What?" I asked as I stared at my apartment door hanging off the hinges. It was like something from a bad cop show. Or a bad reality show.

"He was arrested this morning," Max said.

"B-ut why?" I asked. David in trouble? He was so straight and narrow. Always telling me how irresponsible I was. Like I didn't really line my ducks up in a row or something like that. Now he was in jail?

Max shrugged. "All I know is they pounded on the door, saying 'it's the police, open up,' then David didn't open the door, obviously." The super pointed to the ruined door as he got out his drill. He paused and stared at me with pity in his eyes. "I'm sorry Macy." He dug out a card and handed it to me. "The detective gave me this. Maybe call them and try to find out what the hell happened."

I took the card and stared down at it. Detective Howard... Fraud Division.


And that was what David was... a total fraud. False name, different aliases. White Collar Detective Howard had put it when he explained the charges over the phone. Embezzlement, false bank accounts, a con artist. I just couldn't have gotten that lucky could I? I knew he'd been a dream too good to be true. And so he had been...Just a dream.

My boyfriend. The one guy I had allowed in. Into my apartment, my bed and my life.

After that, I packed all his things and put them in storage until I could find out where to send them. If he was never David Long, then I didn't know anything about him. Well, of course I didn't.

I also refused his collect call from jail. I wanted nothing to do with him. He was never what he said he was. How could he think I would want him in my life at all?


I found that my savings was gone.

I was now broken hearted AND broke.

I felt so stupid. How could I be taken in by such a con man? Apparently, he was just about to skip town and using my money to do it. He had been the one to insist I had a savings. Telling me, I couldn't live day by day. Paycheck by paycheck the way I'd been doing it all this time. Then he just took it all?

Now, I winced when I thought about what my mom would say. I'd messed up again. The fact that he was good looking with loads of charm, wouldn't matter to her now.

Getting involved with David or whoever he really was... changed my life for sure.

I would have start all over again from scratch...

I decided to stop wallowing in self-pity and complaining. It wouldn't get me anywhere.


It got worse....

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