Chapter Four: Home is where you are, my love.

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Chapter Four: Home is where you are, my love.

Tuesday morning.

LIKE every Tuesday morning, Lydia awoke alone and a note placed on the nightstand from George.

Smiling, she stretched and sat up, reaching over to grab the note.

Lydia, training starts at seven. I'll be back before your class, see you later. Love, George.

Climbing out of bed, Lydia walked over to her side of the wardrobe and opened her jewellery box. Though Lydia didn't use it for her jewellery. Instead, in the box, was noted from George.

"Good work, Scott," Coach Johnathon yelled at George as he grabbed his gear bag from the sideline. He wanted to back to Lydia and decided he'd get a shower when he was home.

Home, he smiled at the thought of having a house with Lydia. "Thanks, Coach," he yelled as he ran off the pitch.

Leaving his coach wondering how he had so much energy after the number of laps he'd made George and the team run.

The smell of pancakes hit George as soon as he walked into the apartment. A grin made its way onto his face as he seen Lydia holding a take-out bag and a cup holder with two coffees in it.

"We need to go grocery shopping," Lydia smiled, setting the food and drinks on the table. She could see that George was longing to tell her something due to his appearance. He always took a shower after training, yet today he didn't.

He made his way towards her slowly, his smile growing as he did. He could see the sparkle of fear in Lydia's eyes as he stood in front of her. He wanted to take it away so he did, "Lydia, I'm in love with you."

With that Lydia pushed his chest gently, "gosh, George, you nearly gave me a heart attack." The brunette tried to catch her breath to calm her racing heartbeat but she couldn't. His smile was driving her insane.

Leaning towards him, Lydia pulled him down till both their foreheads were touching and their lips a few millimetres apart.

"I'm in love with you, George." With that said she pulled him further until their lips touched.


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