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Next morning

Ellen’s POV

“What are all your scars from?” Louis asks as we lay, still spooning, I trace the marble pattern on Bandits body as we speak, I shrug my response.

“Touch one, I’ll tell you.” He hums in though as he pulled away from my body slightly.

“This one.” He touches the one on my right shoulder.

“I got something removed.” I tell him, I feel him nod as he touches my cheek, “Plastic surgery. To remove yet another thing.”

“Your eyes, they both have scars on them.” he says and I smile at the thought of him not even facing me and being able to remember the small blemishes on my eyes.

“Funny stories.”

“What’re they from?”

“My left eye, me and my sis-“ I squeeze my eyes closed at the mistake I just spoke, I mentally curse myself.

“You and your what?” he asks as he traces the scar on my shoulder.

“I was at a friend’s house and was running around in their back yard, I tripped over their dog and landed on a rock.” He laughed slightly, so did I.

“And the right?”

“Me and my family a week after I split my left eye lid open went on a weekend away with my dad’s friend and his family, I tripped and once again hit it on a rock.”

“You are very clumsy.” He states kissing my neck and I nod.

“I am.”

“And your hands, you have a few there.”

“Most of them are just from helping my mum and dad cock, this one.” I point to my index finger on my left hand, “I was chopping onions and my glasses were foggy because of my tears and I slit it, this one.” I point to my ring finger on my right hand, “I was home alone, and I had to feed the cat I had at the time, when I opened the can my finger slipped and I cut it, the skin was dangling.” I laugh, “I had to wait for my parents to get home, I wrapped it in a napkin and sat on the lounge debating with myself whether to call them or not, luckily I was only waiting five minute till they pulled up.”

“And the one on your right wrist?”

“How do you remember all of these?” I as amused and he shrugs.

“I was waiting for this moment, to ask about them all, I noticed you have a lot.” I nod.

“Well that, I look at it, I was bitten by a dog, she didn’t mean to bight me, she wanted the cat in my arms but got me instead.” I laughed at the memory, “I loved that dog, and my feelings never changed just that day I was crying my eyes out saying I wanted her dead.” There’s a silence for a moment, “Got anywhere else you want to know about?” he shrugged, “What about you, got any scars?” he thought for a second.

“No. I actually don’t.”  He pauses, “Do you care that you have so many?”

“I think of them as memory’s, most of them were pretty stupid, most of them reminding me I am the clumsiest person alive.” I laugh, “I guess I can never forget the people I use to know, there all in the memories of my scars. So no I don’t care I have them, when I was younger I hated the one on the back of my shoulder, ask anyone that is close to me, I stopped wearing singlets just so I could hide it.”

“You don’t mind it anymore?” I shrug.

“I can stand it now, believe it or not it was once worse. More red, puffier, its evened out as I’ve gotten older.”

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