Neko- Vikklan Parts 1- 4

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I pushed Vikk's door open about 3 hours later to check on him, expecting him to still be asleep. The battle dome had gone good, even though we lost, but we had found a lot of good things so we thought we could win but... we didn't.

When I pushed the door open I did so quietly, but once I peered into the room I saw Vikk sat up in the middle of his bed, his legs crossed and his hands pressed tightly against his ears. I couldn't tell if his eyes were open or closed because his head was to the ground.

"Vikk?" He startled and then I saw something that told me everything.

His pupils, which were normally circular, turned into slits and as soon as he realised he ducked his head. I tiptoed to the bed and sat down beside him, pulling my beanie off my head and mussing my hair and revealing to him my blonde ears, which stood up so he could see them.

His eyes widened as his pupils went back to normal and he reached out to touch them, almost checking if they were real. And as I looked closer at the top of his head I could see his ears, which were almost as dark as his hair but not quite.

"You- you... you're like me?" I nodded, reaching behind me to pull my tail out of my trousers. My tail was quite poofy and fluffy and was pretty hard to hide at the best of times and Vikk watched as I flicked it back and forth.

I reached out and stroked his ears, smiling as he leaned into my touch and began to purr under his breath. I knew what he was feeling. I didn't doubt that that was the first time that he had told anyone other than his family about who he was and the feeling that I had felt when telling some of my close friends was undoubtedly similar to what he felt.

Gently he pulled his tail out so I could see it. His was slim and dark, and a lot longer than mine, so he could reach around me when he flicked it and after a few seconds he actually reached around me with it and took hold of my tail, making me jump. My tail was sensitive.

He giggled and pulled on my tail again, laughing a little when I started to purr. I clapped my hand over my mouth and glared at him, because it was a subconscious noise and I didn't have any control over it.

I reached up and petted his ears again, getting my revenge when he leaned into me again, purrs erupting from his mouth. I shifted myself so I was in a more comfortable position and Vikk leaned up against me, his tail flicking contentedly.

"I'm assuming you've never really told anyone?" He shook his head, wiggling his ears underneath my hands. He was still purring happily.

"I couldn't risk it, not with all the bad stuff surrounding hybrids at the moment."

There was this whole thing floating around about how hybrids, mostly nekos or any other animal hybrid, were sub human and meant to serve their masters. Most nekos lived in hiding, not wanting to risk being taken by groups operating beyond the law who basically kidnapped any visible nekos and turned them into slaves.

Is wasn't worth the risk, especially what with how rare nekos were and how many people wanted them, so the price was high and if you were visible, the risk was even higher.

"Fair enough." I yawned. Then a thought crossed my mind. "Why were you so nervous before, was that why you couldn't sleep?" He nodded again.

"I- I was going to tell you-" He closed his eyes, steadying himself mentally.

I looked at him curiously. I immediately assumed that he hadn't planned on telling me that he was a neko considering he couldn't get it out, but I wasn't sure what else he would want to tell me. He took in a deep breath.

"I'm gay." It took a few seconds but I looked down at him and raised one eyebrow.

"So? So am I... wait... did I not come out to you?!" He shook his head, a little bemused, and I internally facepalmed. "Oh my lord, I've come out to so many people that I didn't even realise that I hadn't come out to you!"

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