Neko- Vikklan Parts 1- 4

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Requested by CrystalHeartRing

I've adapted the request a little but it's still the same stuff.

Lachlan's P.O.V.

I pulled my grey beanie down over my head and the blonde cat ears that were perched on the top of my head. I was about to record a battle dome with Vikk, Preston, Rob, Mitch, Jerome and a few other friends who had decided to join us.

I didn't wear beanies all the time, my ears were as blonde as my hair so they were easy to disguise when I ruffled my hair, but wearing beanies had sort of become my thing in videos, so no one questioned me when I wore them.

When I entered the Skype call I was immediately bombarded by the voices of the Pack. Mitch and Jerome seemed to be arguing playfully and Preston and Rob were calling each other names across the office, as both of them were in Texas.

Vikk was quiet, I could tell that he was nervous because he was biting on the corner of his nail and creating red half moon marks in the skin of his arms. His hair was ruffled an unkempt, unusual because he was normally very well kept although I put it down to jetlag because he was in Australia with me, having gotten off his flight less than 24 hours ago.

Preston was the first one to notice that I joined because he called out excitedly.

"Lachlan! Yay, you're here!!!" Vikk gave me a smile through the screen but then rested his head in his arms. When I looked at the top of his head I thought I saw something, but I simply brushed it off as nothing. "You ready for an epic battle dome?"

I nodded and started preparing everything to record.

"Vikky's not, he's asleep." Rob spoke up, placing his face close to the mic to increase his sound. Vikk shook his headphones from his head and basically face planted on his desk, probably dying inside. (N/A ME.)

"Vikk you okay there?" He groaned in response. "You up for recording?"

Gently he placed his headphones back on his head and looked back up at the screen.

"I'm sooooo tired." He whined. "I didn't get any sleep."

"Vikk if you're that tired just go to bed, there's no point in recording if you're gonna fall asleep on us. It doesn't matter if you don't get videos up, it's more important to take care of yourself." He rubbed his eyes but nodded, pushing himself up from his chair.

"I'll go sleep, I'll try and record later." Everyone nodded and he ended the call.

"Lachlan can you go check on him? He seemed off." I inclined my head and stood up, pattering down the hall to Vikk's room.

When I knocked I got a mumbled reply and I opened the door to see Vikk curled up on top of his bed, eyes half open. When I got closer I could see the bags under his eyes and I could also see how truly tired he was, because he didn't even want to lift his head.

"Hey, you okay?" I sat down on the bed beside him, making him roll towards me as the mattress sunk.

"Mm, 'ust tire'." His words slurred like he was drunk rather than sleep deprived and I pulled the blankets up over his shoulders.

"Sleep okay, you can always record later." He nodded and just as I left I once again through I saw something on the top of his head but I brushed it off as a patch of hair that was lighter than the rest of it.

Back in my room the others questioned me.

"He's fine, just needs sleep. We ready?"


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