Chapter 15 - Catch up

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"So is that why you ain't going school?" She nodded.

'The worst fact of it, is that my friends ditched me over that situation' She said I patted her back in sympathy.

"Well you know I need a friend right now. I loved in the old days we use to be such good friends" I said walking to the kitchen.

"You want anything to eat or drink?"

'No I'm good... so how's mom and dad? And your sister?'

"Oh well, my parents got a sister is pregnant... and my mom just had a baby.. " I said pouring out a glass of orange juice.

'Oh my gosh..I'm sorry to hear about that hun'

"No really it's fine..we was all fed up listening to my parents constantly shouting at eachother" She nodded her head. I took a sip of orange juice.

'Lemme ask a question' I nodded and held my orange juice.

'Have you had sex yet?' I looked at her and smiled.

"No.. not yet? Why ask Emma?" I gave her an eye.

'Oh just wondering..' She trailed of.

"What have you had it?"

'Yes of course with about 2 boys nowt...I regret it big time' I widen my eyes.

"Give me info girl" I said and she put her feet up on my lap and she already started giggling.

Michael's POV

My maths class came in, I was looking out for Charlie? But where could she be? They all sat down and I scanned again looking for Charlie? I hope she's okay...probably during class sometime I'll give her a little text.

"Okay Afternoon class" I said they all responded.

"Rhianna? You know where Charlie is?" I said.

'She said she's feeling a little ill' She looked over at Adam and he smiled.

"Oh okay..." I said

I took the register and they where all present except Charlie.

"Right okay class, we will continue from last time. I just need to do something quickly so look on the bored work in pairs" I said sitting down freezing the screen.

I got my phone out and quickly dropped Charlie a message.

"Baby you okay?"

I sat there waiting a few minutes....

"Yeh I'm fine.."

"Okay.. well why didn't you come in today?"

"I couldn't be bothered..."

"Stop..... that! I'm coming round when I finish work"

"Okay well cause my old friend is here so I'll send her out"

"Okay baby well see you later"

"kiss kiss Michael" I smiled at that and the class were all still working.

Charlie's POV

'Why you smiling?? hmm who you texting?' Emma said.

"No just my sister, she gave me a little joke" I lied. Emma nodded her head and she just looked at me.

"What?" I said covering my face.

'Oh nothing just admiring your beautiful face, and how much you've grown from primary school' She said. I laughed.

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