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Ellen’s POV

“Are you ok?” He whispered breathlessly.

“Mmm.” Louis smiled, rubbing his nose against mine, his thumb brushed my cheek as he stared at me, the sparkling blue a comforting sight, a heavy sigh fell from his swollen lips before pressing them to mine, our sweet kiss distracted me as I felt Louis very gradually retract his hips, the softening length slipping from me. It felt nowhere near as alien as when Louis had first entered me, my body was more accustomed to the uncomfortable feeling, sharp, interrupted sounds puffed out of his mouth, gripping my hand as we became disconnected, Louis almost looked a little relieved.

My muscles were sore as I let the comfort of my dark doona relax me, I laid sprawled out, watching as Louis rolled over to my side; long fingers hastily fumbled with the condom, he removed himself from the bed, making his way up to the bathroom platform and chucking it in the bin. His brown hair was a mess, I couldn’t help but smile at the knowledge I was the cause of the unruly sex hair currently adorning my boyfriend’s head, within seconds he was back with me, I felt as though I couldn’t move, still slightly breathless with our heated activities. Large hands delicately caressed my body and Louis got to work on kissing every inch of my sensitive skin; starting with my right shoulder, trailing down my bare body, surprisingly, at that time, the embarrassment of being completely naked just didn’t register. I didn’t seem to care, the only feeling I was experiencing was Louis, his presence all encompassing, lips, hands, his brown locks, our skin making contact, Louis intertwined his fingers with my left hand, continuing to attentively worship my aching body. “You did so well, Baby.” He mumbled against my skin.

Brown hair tickled my stomach, lips sprinkling affection just above my naval, then around to the side, kisses to my right hip, the warmth of his touch soothed my muscles, sliding his large hand up my thigh as Louis continued to gravitate towards my left hip. My mind denied me the time to think before nearly crushing his long fingers between mine, my fear of him catching sight of the bruises that would have inevitably formed with his previously harsh touch. Louis’ actions immediately ceased to stare up at me, eyes wide with concern, soft lips pouted to question my sudden need for him to stop, but no words escaped. “Louis.” I whispered.

My fingers were gently squeezed in reassurance, his beautiful face appearing above mine, I quietly giggled as his nose nudged my cheek; Louis clearly relieved I was still smiling, kisses were sponged to my jaw and down my neck, his swollen lips trailing over my chest, grazing my nipple with the tip of his tongue. My whimper caused Louis to emit a raspy laugh; he peered at me through his thick lashes. “Will you lay with me?” My voice timid and I don’t know why I have the need to ask.

“It would be my pleasure.” His tone honest, warmth tingled through my aching entirety with Louis’ raspy words, he smiled; lightly kissing my lips before taking up the position to my right, the fluffy throw at the end of the bed was tugged up over us. Fingers still interlocked, my legs curled up underneath me, the warmth of the light blanket that my cats normal find warmth on concealing our naked bodies. Louis shuffled closer, both of us on our sides as we quietly stared at each other, my mind mapped out the details of his stunning features, his chuckle made me laugh as I poked his soft cheek, we’d just made love, a truth I was still attempting to get my head around, I felt sore, speechless, and content.

Louis’ POV

Ellen shifted beside me, I could tell she was a little tender from the way she moved, her muscles sore as she attempted to sit up, she was trying to hide the discomfort she must have been feeling. The hurt I had unintentionally caused her, my mind flashed, placing my hand to her shoulder, guiding her back to the warmth of the bed as I leaned over her. “What is it? What do you need?” I gushed; I was determined to take care of her; wanting to ease her discomfort in any way possible.

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