22) Stabbed in the back

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The aftermath of Rufus's death, had changed everyone's perception of me dramatically. Those who had previously ignored me, would approach me and start conversations. The hybrids had become more open, and much more alive, as if a pressing weight had been lifted from their shoulders. Lolita had explained to me, that by killing Rufus, his cronies were no longer powerful. They had quietly backed down and moved away from the rest. And that the Hybrids now looked upon me, as their new leader.

Even though this is what I wanted and needed, it was still a little overwhelming. Lolita constantly kept me busy, explaining that I couldn't show vulnerability, and that I must always be in control. It was a hard facade to keep up daily, but the new training regime of hand to hand combat, and the constant planning kept me busy.

I had begun to wonder if there was a way in which we could get out of here, without to much fighting. I owed these people a way out and I didn't want bloodshed. But if it came to a confrontation with the Draconians, that is what it would come too.

Lucas had explained that unless we were to do combat outside, we'd have to fight our way out. Many Draconian soldiers were posted at every corridor and exit. And the Greys monitored the brainwaves of those passing in and out of the exits.

'Could someone fool the Greys?' I wondered. Seeing as we all had a mash up of Grey,Draconian and human DNA, maybe there was someone who had the mental capabilities to overpower a Grey's mind? If we could find such a person, it would help in our escape plan.

Amy and Lolita, were my eyes and ears. They had begun to talk with the hybrids, gaining their trust and confidence. Many were now eager to be free of this place. But it was Lucas who came to help with part of the plan I'd discussed with him. He'd assembled the fittest and strongest, and gave them a bare outline of what we planned to do. And he also introduced me to a young woman, named Elvira. She was on the pale side, and her eyes seemed huge in comparison with the rest of her face. She wore a haunted look and as she fastened her eyes on me, she screamed.

I was taken aback by her reaction towards me, I held my hands palms upwards and outwards to her, to show her I meant no harm. She calmed down enough to take deep breathes and to stop screaming. I felt a breeze inside of my head, my initial reaction was to put a wall up, before I realised it was her. I mentally relaxed, as I let her rifle through my mind. It was an odd uncomfortable feeling, but I knew she was the one capable of helping us out with the part of the plan to overcome the Greys.

Finally she relaxed, and I felt her withdraw from my mind. I smiled at her, and she merely looked at me with those huge dark eyes of hers. "I can do it" she said, in answer to my unvoiced question. I nodded to her. "But Reve, be-careful. Another has a dark interest in you, and you'd do well to appear un noticed". Immediately I thought of those Draconians who had watched me kill Rufus, and Lucas's words of being used as meat or worse.

She looked at me with pity in here eyes as she read my mind. I bit back a cry, as I knew we would have to step up the preparations before I was taken and it all fell apart.

Unfortunately for me, I had forgotten one piece of the puzzle. And it did not bode well for me, or the others.

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