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*Robin's POV*

It's 12 already and nobody else is up, then Beast Boy (surprisingly) and Raven.

"TITANS" I yell
"What' up Rob?" Asked Cyborg rushing through the hallway
"What is the problem?" Asked Starfire too
"Nothing. Just waking you two up" I said crossing my hands
"Sorry we overslept, but at least I was mostly tired" apologised Starfire
"Yeah, and last night the current was down and I couldn't charge up"
"Oh...then sorry guys, but you still have to be up early to be prepared if anything happens"
"Ok" they said in union and we left for the common room.

*Raven's POV*

I could feel that he liked me more than a friend, but my emoti- actually, I can show them now right? Maybe I'll confess to him too that I- I hear footsteps.

"Beast Boy" I whispered
"Beast Boy" I say a little louder
*moan again*
"Garfield" I said in a loving and caring voice
"W-what?"  He asked blushing
"The rest are coming. You need to get up" I smile at him
"Oh. Wait, you didn't mind that I slept on you?" He got up quick and grinned
"No" I blushed at that but smiled and made eye contact.
He started to get closer, as the footsteps got closer too.
"Gar..." I said faintly but leaning in too "They're at the door..." he pulled away and blushed too

They just entered the room and-
"Morning y'all!" Yelled Cy
"Morning friends" said Starfire
"It's not morning anymore, you know?" I giggle at that
"Yeah" said Gar faintly and still looking at me
"What were you two doin' here?" Asked Cyborg with a smirk
"Eating" I say quick timidly.

Ok timid and happy and embaressment are done. I need love, anger, brave, knowledge, jealousy and sad. Oh my, so many!

"Gar can you do me a favor?" I asked him
"Anything-I mean yeah" he laughed a bit
"Can you help me feel these emotions?"
"Sure. What first?"
"How about sad?"
"But I don't want you to be sad"
"Then make me angry"
"That's easy" He laughed and annoyed me then I got red glowing eyes and pinned him at the wall and calm down.
"See? Told ya it was easy" he smiled
"Yeah" I laughed
"Now what?" He asked excited
"How does it snow?"
"Ugh..." I explained this whole thing about rain getting colder and stuff then it was done.
"Oh. Now what? Do we have more?" He asked even more excited. I don't know why?
"Brave and that's it for today"
"Well, how to do that?"
"Hmm... make me protect you or something"
"Yo Cy!"
"What?" Asked Cyborg
"Fight me" he said and I widened my eyes
"No wait-"
It was too late. The boys started to fight and Robin and Star were just too ocupied with eachother that they didn't realize.
"Stop" I got in Cyborg's face and stopped fist with my hand.
"Whoa" he said and got him away from Beast Boy
"Don't do that again ok?" I said to Gar
"Yeah ok. But it worked?"
"Yeah.." I mumbled and started to help them both to get up.


*Beast Boy's POV*

I thought that maybe if I will help Raven with her emotions she would ask me about love or jelousy or stuff. Maybe she'll ask me today.

I got to the common room and see Raven, Robin, Star and Cy.

"Morning guys" I say moving to the kitchen, right next to Raven "Need help today too?" I whispered in her ear making her shake a tiny little bit and she turn right in my face saying "Maybe"  then she got back to making her tea and I got back to making myself tofu eggs.

Raven and I got on the couch and sat down. I got closer to her and asked:
"Wha'cha reading?" Smiling
"Nothing you'll like" she looked at me with the corner of the eye and I glared a bit at her
"Oh really? Tell me."
"It's named Transgalactica"
"Oh. Sf?"
"Ok. Are you gonna show other emotions today?" I asked curious
"Yeah. Possibly" she smirked at me
"Come" she made a sign for me to come after her
"Where?" I asked her but she didn't respond so I followed her to...
"The rooftop?" I ask
"Yeah. I wanna talk about something"
"Umm...what exactly?"
"Why do you like me?"
I was surprised and remained in shock for a second
"What do you mean WHY I like you? You're the most amazing person that I could ever meet! You're cool, powerful, beautiful and many others I can't explain! You might not know it but you are extremly super cute and beautiful and smart and...Why?"
"Gar I..." her eyes started to tear up
"Rae? What's wro-" she broke down in tears and started to cry
"Shhh Rae Rae. What's wrong" I patted her on the back while we were hugging
"I-I didn't know you-you would ever feel that" she started to clean herself up, wiped her tears away and smiled.
"Of course I would! Why shouldn't I?" I got closer and hold her hands "I love you Rae. So much I can't even-"

I got cut off with a feeling of a pair of sweet, soft lips on mine. That little sweet kiss that I never wanted to end, it ended and we smiled at eachother.

"I love you too"
"Hey, that helped you with love, no?" I ask
"Right" she smiled at herself wich made me smile
"So are we a thing now?" I ask scared of the answer
"Well...duh!" She laughed
"Oh yeah" I laugh with her at that.

We got back in and I thought, maybe if I make her jealouse it will help her with all of her emotions so maybe it will end sooner.

"Hey Star!" I yell after her
"Yes friend?" She smiled
"I wanted to tell you something secret ok? I'll whisper" she nodded and Raven was behind me and saw me different than what I was doing.
"Don't tell anyone ok?" I said to her and she nodded
"Raven , hi!" I said running to her but she stopped me
"What were you doing?"
"Are you jealouse?" I smirk at her
"Well.." she was embaressed too
"I was whispering something to Star"
"What?" She asked coldly somehow
"To not tell anyone that you and I are together" I smile at her
"Oh...sorry" she lightly chuckled at that
"It's fine. I did it so you can jealouse so you can finish this thing once and for all"
"Yeah...about that. There's still one emotion that I didn't show"
"But you did, when we were on the rooftop"
"Oh right ,I forgot about that" she laughed a bit and we got to sleep after that
"Good night Rave"
"Good night, Garfield" she smirked and got to her room

I knew you felt something for me and I proved myself that it's true.

How do you like this? Is it ok? But first I forgot to mention that I DO NOT OWN THE TEEN TITANS OR THE DRAWINGS.
We're done here for now.
Love ya❤❤🖤🖤❤❤

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