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A few days later, the boyfriend would have a chance to experience the results of my lessons with Sally. Unfortunately for him, his "assets"made this more challenging than I had imagined.

I knew that he was small and in the past, it didn't bother me that much. He was one of us, a part of The Clique. It made sense that he and I were together. Yet, neither of us really resonated with the other. He was a weaker personality than what I preferred.

He allowed Barry to dominate him most days and in our group, there was an unwritten understanding that we were all equals. I suppose in hindsight, it didn't work that way with the males. Barry was the leader, and this boyfriend was undeniably a follower.

I secretly disliked him for that but Barry disgusted me and I could never see myself being with someone as vile as he was. The boyfriend knew that since he was with me, none of the others in our group would touch him. It was unspoken but clear, don't fuck with what belonged to Cathy.

So, here we were, the two of us, stuck together for the sake of our group. Trapped in this dance that neither of us wanted to participate in. Our feelings confused because we wanted it to be better. He tried, I admit. I tried too.

"Cathy, I..." the boyfriend said.

"What's up?"

"I like you," He said shyly.

"I like you too. You are alright," I thought I was being kind but the look on his face told me another story.

We both put in more effort than should have been necessary. It should have been easy. Yet, it wasn't.

We were in the hotel room as we normally would be on the weekend and I wanted to show him what I had learned. I pulled down his pants and carefully inserted him into myself. It was such an odd sensation to feel nothing.

I felt confused "Are you inside of me yet?" I asked him.

He stared at me with both hurt and frustration in his eyes.

"Yes," he said through gritted teeth.

Barry, who had been in the bed next to ours couldn't help but overhear. He started roaring in laughter. The boyfriend's face turned red as a tomato.

"Ha, Ha! Are you in yet she said...priceless. Well, Jerry? Are you in yet? Can you let us know when you make it inside? Could you give us a warning so we can know? Maybe she can make some noises for us so we can enjoy the fun. Jerry, Jerry, hey Jerry...has she been penetrated yet Jerry?" he mocked and I immediately felt terrible for him.

It had not been my intention to embarrass him. I wasn't like Sally. I was mean, but only when someone deserved it or when I felt like it but not with someone like the boyfriend.

He may not have been someone that made my heart catch on fire but he was...special. Sort of. In a different kind of way. He was still inside of me I think because I hadn't moved but I still felt nothing so I started to grind just as I had seen Sally do yet there was nothing.

I started to moan, I had to help him save face but I suppose in hindsight that was the worst thing I could have done. Barry caught it and knew that I was faking.

"Whoa there big guy, rocking her boat I see? Her fake moans sure are convincing. Damn, if only I could pleasure a woman the way you can...my life would be so much more gratifying. Oh man, Jerry, you are killing me with your amazing skills. The fact that she is so enraptured with you that she is faking pleasure...that's.just.impressive. Oh man Jerry, could you give me some pointers on how to get a woman to fake an organism. I want to be able to do that too. Giving them real ones is so overrated. Jerry, Jerry! You hear me?" he hollered.

The boyfriend cringed "Yes, I hear you asshole." "

Asshole? You sure I am the asshole?" he replied.

"Fuck you, man. Just. Fuck you." he tried to thrust into me but he was growing flaccid and him and I both knew that this little tryst had failed.

Barry just laughed heartily and continued to pound into my friend. Her screams were not like mine. She was loving every second of what he was doing to her and he wanted to make sure that Barry knew his place.

"You hear that?" he called to him.

"Yeah" the boyfriend replied.

"That is the sound of pleasure. Tell your girlfriend if she is going to fake it she needs to try harder. Now, why don't you listen to a real mean pleasure a woman? Take notes, Jerry. Clearly, you need it." with his words the boyfriend lifted me off of him and said,

"I'm not in the mood." His gaze was distant. His eyes empty. I'd broken him. I sat there stunned.

I couldn't defend him and I certainly couldn't defend myself. I had failed at faking it and he failed at making it real.

We were for all intents and purposes failures. It was hard to deny that there was no real chemistry between us but we were stuck...Or were we? At that moment, I knew something had to change. I didn't know how it would change but I knew it needed to change.

I had made a decision and for better or worse I was going to find a way to end us. The challenge that faced us both was simple yet completely complicated. Not just anyone could enter our group.

If we split up we would both be alone and being alone was simply not an option. I needed to find a way to break us up and still be able to date someone else.

The answer wasn't clear to me yet and I knew that the boyfriend felt the same way. He and I were trapped. Victims of our circumstances.

We didn't hate each other. We just didn't spark either. No one's blood boiled over with lust or desire. We were, what we were but that needed to change. We both deserved more and I was going to find a way to have it all.


Author's Note: Poor boyfriend, I feel bad for him. I wonder if she will find a way to make it work for both of them. Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this scene please vote for it.

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