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Seungmin doesn't like potions, nor does anyone really and he's convinced Hyunjin to think so too (at least that's what the boy believes)

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Seungmin doesn't like potions, nor does anyone really and he's convinced Hyunjin to think so too (at least that's what the boy believes). Back in muggle South Korea where some of his family members live, his cousin said that potions is very much the same as chemistry (with a little bit more magic, of course) but said that the boy is damn lucky to not be studying about electron configurations and polarisations and "shit".

Don't tell Seungmin, but Hyunjin actually secretly likes potions. Most people would complain about the said subject, whether it'd be the curriculum or even the teacher - Professor Slughorn himself. Said that he's too optimistic, too hyper or whatever (most students are glad that he's retiring this year). Hyunjin doesn't at all mind about those, what he does mind is sharing the class with two other houses, but especially the Hufflepuffs.

It's not like he has any problems with the house or anything, but this one boy Felix Lee pisses him quite a lot. They weren't exactly 'enemies' but their rivalry had gone back all the way since first year when Felix accidentally blurting out a loud 'ha! Stick-head' when Hyunjin first tried to lift up a broomstick and making it smack against his forehead. See, nothing big, but now, every time Hyunjin sees the latter, the memory flashes back into hid mind and all he wants to do is send him to the hospital wing.

Other times, though, if you're lucky, the two would act as if they're best friends. When such occurrence would happen, Seungmin and Felix's best friend; Han Jisung of Gryffindor were left to panic : "is this a sign of the end of the world being near?" they'd say.

And so, when Hyunjin's eyes meet with Felix's while entering the classroom, Seungmin immediately leads him to a seat in the corner where the boy can freely send daggers to the Hufflepuff as much as he likes.

"Oh how I wish to cut that blond hair of his," Hyunjin grumbles, gripping his wand tight. "Gah, the colour is so ugly."

Seungmin takes the boy's wand away from his hold and places it in his robe pocket. "You guys literally have the same hair colour."

A pause.

"Stupid," Seungmin adds.

Now it's Seungmin's turn to receive daggers from the sixteen year old boy. "Not helping, Seungminnie," he sighs, "he's so annoying."

"The boy hasn't done anything to you," Seungmin tells him, "give him a break. This has been going on for like, what, six years now!"

"'Ha! Stick-head!'" deciding not to listen to his best friend, Hyunjin mocks Felix who is sitting across the room, probably cursing him under his breath.

"It isn't even that offensive if you ask me," Seungmin shrugs, finally sitting down on his chair as Professor Slughorn walks into the room, his dark robe swishing behind him.

Hyunjin pouts, "you're supposed to be on my side."

"I am, but it's starting to get a bit childish, don't you think?"

Hyunjin resists on slapping Seungmin all through the lesson. More so when the boy accidentally cut a little too much of unicorn hair and poof goes their potion -- which was supposed to count as 10% of their final mark.

"Just one thing, Seungmin," Hyunjin cries out in annoyance, banging his head on the table, "one thing! And that was cutting the unicorn hair!"

Seungmin's face is still mirroring the look of horror, face burnt because of the explosion. "Well, sor-ree. Potions is a nightmare in itself!"

Hyunjin facepalms. If he had known that befriending Kim Seungmin would be this much of a mess, he wouldn't in the first place. But, what can he do, he loves the kid too much already and he doesn't intend to let his best friend go anytime soon.

Felix snickers from across the room, making Hyunjin let out a low growl. The sixteen year-old Hufflepuff laughs before going back to his own potion that he's working on with Jisung.

"Good thing we didn't get detention for that," Seungmin exhales in relief once potions is over and the students are spilling out of class, ready for lunch that will be served in the Great Hall shortly. "Or else you'd miss another quidditch practise."

Hyunjin mentally slaps his forehead, "oh right, practise!" He cranes his head back and lets out a frustrated groan.  "Thanks for reminding me, if not I would probably be already on my way to meet Felix for another round of wizard's chess."

Seungmin scoffs, "I thought you hated him?"

"Not hate, just annoyed," Hyunjin corrects him, "anyways, I'm hungry."

"You confuse me sometimes," the cherry haired boy tells Hyunjin, to which he latter shrugs at and they make their way quietly to the Great Hall.

Hyunjin is in the middle of fixing his silver-green tie when Seungmin suddenly grabs hold of his hand, making the older accidentally pull his tie too tight, choking him a little. "Great going, Seungmin," Hyunjin mutters after a fit of coughing and the other boy looks at apologetically.

"Sorry," he says, "but anyways, don't you have a free period training after this?"

"Yeah why?"

Seungmin scratches his nape nervously, before clearing his throat. "Kwon Yujin from Herbology may or may have not told me to remind you that Lee switched practise schedules with lunch today..."

Hyunjin who was previously relaxed now tenses up, hearing the news Seungmin told him. "W-what?"

"Sorry, it completely slipped my mind..."

"No! You don't have to apologise!" Hyunjin paces back and forth in panic, "oh God, I am such a grandpa! So that's what I was forgetting about this morning."

"So... are you gonna go? Or..?"

"Of course I am, goose!" In a rush, Hyunjin shoves his books as well as his bag into Seungmin's arms. "Hold these, I need to get changed and get my broom and run down to the pitch or else Minho's gonna shout at me."

"Which is what he's probably preparing right now," the light haired boy says as he runs further away from Seungmin in the direction of the Slytherin dungeons. "Oh God, and the one that told Seungmin is Kwon Yujin too..!"

Seungmin blinks once, twice, and three times before blowing out a raspberry. He stares at Hyunjin's books blankly.

"If he's gonna get changed, then isn't it better if he took these along with him instead of shoving them to me?" he says to himself, "it's not like he'll magically get his quidditch robes all the way from the pitch."

Sighing, Seungmin shakes his head in disappointment at his friend's actions. When looking straight ahead, further in the halls he spots a familiar looking Ravenclaw heading in the same direction as him.

His mood that was stooping low just a second ago is now lifting higher at the sight of the boy.

"Yah! Yang Jeongin, wait for me!"

And welcome back to 'How to Annoy Fifth Year Ravenclaws 101 with Kim Seungmin'.


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