Beyond Legend: The Unbreakable Kingdom (Annie_Moon2001)

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Reviewer: Annie_Moon2001

Author: Thomas-LF

Cover: 10/10

The cover is really beautiful. The fonts used are just perfect. Don't get why the lady is green but I'm just assuming that it's because of magic. Anyways, I still love the cover.

Description/Summary: 10/10

The description is really good. It's attention grabbing. The spellings and grammar are on point and so is the organization. I really can't wait to start reading this book.

Chapter Review: 10/10

The book was able to meet my expectations. I really love Ailith's character. As a kid she was brave and even as an adult, she's daring. I love the idea of putting it upfront that Ailith is a strong girl (Chapter 1). I love the way that she's always ready to help people. I'm a bit annoyed that I wouldn't be able to read this book to the end. From the chapters I read, I didn't notice any grammar or spelling error.

Activity of the Writer: 9/10

The writer is active. He made sure to reply to most of his messages on both his comment and conversation box.

Plot: 10/10

The book is really interesting. It fulfilled every promise made in the description/summary. I'll recommend this book to all wattpaders.

Overall Advice:

Well, from the chapters I read, it's really well written. I can't really find any fault with the book.

That aside, I'll be giving this book a 10/10.

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