Albus hopped on the train just as it was leaving. Everyone on the train and in the station were waving goodbye, and I was just standing there awkwardly. I had nobody to wave to. What was the point? But Ablus waved me over and told me that his parents wanted to wave goodbye to me. So I stuck my head out the window and just waved. I still felt awkward, but it was a good awkward.

All of the parents disappeared out of sight sooner or later. Since Albus hadn't gotten a seat before everyone started waving, so he just sat between me and this girl I assumed was somehow related to him. "Oh, Rose, this is Danny, Danny, this is Rose." Albus introduced the both of us.

"So how long is this train ride going to be?" I asked the whole compartment.

"We should arrive at Hogsmeade at around four." James told me.

"And it's eleven right now." I muttered. "This is going to be fun."

All of a sudden, a boy ran by our compartment, only to stop and stand there, out of breath. "Hi." I greeted him. He looked up at me and smiled.

"Can I?" He motioned at the seat next to James.

"Yeah, have a seat." James said.

"My name's Scorpius. I'm running from one of my friends who's got some stuff from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes." Scorpius explained, still out of breath.

"Wait, Scorpius Malfoy?" James asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"My name's James. James Potter."

"And I'm Ablus Potter." Albus chimed in.

"O-oh. Well I better go-" Scorpius started to say, but Albus cut him off.

"No, please. Stay." He pleaded.

Scorpius just nodded and leaned back into the seat. A commotion outside made him sit upright and look around. "Crap. They found me." He muttered. A boy then ran into the compartment, and immediately spotted Scorpius. And then he spotted me.

"Hey, it's you!" He practically yelled.

"Me?" I asked.

The boy rolled his eyes and nodded. "Yes, you. The American girl from Madame Malkin's. So it really is true."

"If you're about to say something about the Americans 'invading,' let me just remind you that in the 1700s the Brits invaded the American Colonies and killed people. Sometimes for no good reason. Like the Boston Massacre, for example. Or the Battle on Bunker Hill. Or the Shot Heard 'Round the world, which was most likely shot by a Brit." I listed off all of the facts about the Revolutionary War I had learned in the last year. Everyone in the compartment stared at me as I said everything. "What?"

"What the hell is the 'Shot Heard 'Round the World?' or the 'Boston Massacre?'" The boy asked me.

"And what happened in the 1700s?" Albus asked.

"Where is Bunker Hill?" Rose questioned.

"Well, the Shot Heard 'Round the World was the first gunshot in the Revolutionary War, which is what happened in the 1700s. The Boston Massacre happened when some idiot Lobsters shot five men in cold blood in the streets of Boston. And Bunker Hill is in Boston. So I recommend staying away from Boston if you ever travel to the 1700s."

"Lobsters?" Scorpius asked.

"British people. My god, were you people taught anything in school?"


"Hey, Danny, wake up. You gotta put your robes on." I was shook awake by what sounded like Albus. I opened my eyes and found that my suspicions were correct, and Albus had his hand on my shoulder.

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