An innocent kiss was exchanged between us, pulling apart, but still our lips continued to brush, our foreheads pressed together as I carefully felt down his stomach, my hands trembled as I caught hold of the bottom of his top, the shirt was peeled from Louis’ torso, his slightly tanned skin was smooth as I traced over the defined lines on his stomach. “You must be an angel.” I whispered, peering up to his face.

His stunning features illuminated in the glow of my mirror lights. “I’m no angel, Baby.” His words holding a hint of hurt, orbs falling down to where I gripped his hand.

“Well, I think you are.” I raised his hand to my mouth, leaving delicate kisses to the knuckles.

“Why?” He asked confused.

“How can someone look as breath taking as you and not be an angel.” I spoke quietly. “That’s the only explanation I can think of.” I smiled, he quietly laughed off the comment before kissing me on the end of my nose, my fingers trailed over his strong shoulders and down his toned arms, lightly squeezing at the muscle. My arms clung around his waist, I’m not sure how long we stood and held each other but Louis’ embrace gradually calmed my nerves, kisses were left on my cheek.

“You alright?” Louis whispered, I lightly nodded as he squeezed me. “Good… now let me make love to you.” I shyly smiled at the beautiful boy in front of me, I took a step back out of his hold, blazing blue orbs never left me as I crossed my arms over my stomach, fingertips finding the hem of my top. My bottom lip was taken harshly between my teeth as I raised the material up, my vision obscured as I struggled to remove the clothing in my nervous state, I heard a deep laugh before large warm hands rested over my own, helping to rid me of the material barrier, once off, I dropped it to the floor.

The blush on my cheeks seemed to heat my entirety; I stood in my bra and jeans. Both of us topless as Louis closed the distance, soft lips were instantly on mine, tongue forcing its way into my mouth, I didn’t resist, my body surrendering itself to him, Louis could have everything I was able to give and more, I was his. My hands gripped the back of his neck, heart thumping against my chest as I felt his long fingers fumble with the button on my jeans, I gasped into his mouth as he tugged the zip down. “Shh.” Louis comforted. “It’s alright, Baby.” His whispered words had a calming effect, even though my breath was still trembling from my parted lips, he let out a laugh as I leaned up for another kiss, our noses bumping, but I stood frozen as fingers were hooked into my jeans, pulling them down over the curve of my backside. My thumb absentmindedly skimmed his right nipple, the throaty groan released took me a little by surprise, I repeated the action before dipping my head. “Ellen.” Louis’ breathless voice sounded.

My lips kissed the sensitive nub, sucking and licking, I was forced to lose contact as my jeans were eased down around my ankles, Louis taking my hands and guiding me out of the clothing, he caught me as I stumbled into him, but his grip released as he left me standing on my own, the length of my hair fell forward over my shoulders, concealing my black bra. “Holy shit.” Louis spoke, his lustful eyes trailed from my head to my feet, he took his time, lovingly absorbing my body. I had never been one to tan very well in the sun and next to Louis I looked paler than ever, but with him, I had never felt more beautiful, I watched his heart-fluttering smile appear as I nervously wriggled my toes. “Nice colour.” He complimented the shiny red nail polish.

“Thanks.” I whispered, shyly, I yearned to feel his warmth, I couldn’t wait any longer, I initiated the contact, the large span of Louis’ palms all over my body as he touched and caressed the soft skin, he smiled into the kiss as I trailed up his back to a place where I knew he loved to be touched, fingers instantly winding into the hair adorning his head.

“You’re so beautiful.” He mumbled, I gasped, one hand remaining tangled in Louis hair, the other gripping the back of his neck as he walked me backwards, our bare feet touching as we stopped at the bottom of my bed. The heated kiss was broken, a small giggle fell from my lips as Louis swept me off my feet, my hair fanned out around me as he laid me back on the doona, his gaze was almost in awe, eyes never leaving my body.

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