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Three days later

Ellen’s POV

I lie in the middle of the mains rooms floor, a candle slightly off to the side as I read the book assigned to me, I was past half way in the novel and only two days in, I had to admit the book is great, the story line, amazing.  The cats roam around me, checking out the candle every now and then, I hear Sassy pad away from me as she heads into the kitchen where Bandit is eating, I continue the book, flipping the pages and I hear the door click open and closed, I don’t look to see who it is, I know its Louis as he quietly places his set of keys on the bench and comes towards me. His presence is now lying beside me on the wooden floor and I turn my head to look at him, I smile when he does and he grips the book letting it fall shut as he places it down behind him.

“Hi.” I say softly.

“Hey.” He smiles, “I like this.” he tells me tugging at the hem of my almost see though singlet, I blush and he moves to hover over me, knees either side of my waist, “So beautiful.” He whispered pecking my lips. In that moment I knew it was Louis, I wanted to give myself to him, he could have me, all of me, and I desperately wanted him, he smiled, dipping his head to kiss my neck, I gripped the nape of his neck, fingers pressing into his warm skin as I built up the courage.

“Make love to me.” I barely whispered, he heard my very quiet plea, his lips unmoving as he processed my words, Louis’ body seemed to tense above me, not quite sure of his next move, my fingers slid into his hair, fisting it and gently guiding his head away from the crook of my neck, our breathing was heavy as his forehead rested on mine, my heart thumped in my chest, Louis’ stunning eyes piecing into mine, “Louis.” I wasn’t naïve to the fact that Louis had had sex before, that information was evident, his knowledge and experience often intimidating me as I had no clue on most of the acts under the sex title. But making love, I wasn’t so sure he had committed to anything as remotely profound, and by his almost stiffened posture my thoughts were confirmed, this would be the first time it had actually meant something to him, I wanted him to make love to me, I wanted that sort of intimate connection with him, the connection that only lovers had; to put my trust in him and his in me.

He looked almost frightened as he stared at me, his eyes wide and blazing, “Are you sure?” Louis’ voice hoarse as he desperately gazed at me, I gave him a small nod, my touch slipped from his brown strands as he moved away slightly. I rolled my head to the side as I watched him blow the small candle out off to the side; a kiss was pressed to the corner of my eye, his soft lips brushing against my cheek as he pulled away. I intently observed as he got to his feet, holding out his hand towards me, I gripped it before Louis lifted me to stand in front of him, my fingers intertwining with his, my eyes fluttered closed as he leant down, our lips connecting in an innocent kiss, his nose sweetly rubbing against mine, the gesture made me shyly smile, we pulled apart seconds later, Louis leading me towards the opening of my bedroom.

I quickly made my way over to the other side of the dark space and up onto the bathroom plat form, my finger feeling around for the small switch on the bottom of the vanity counter to turn the mirror lightly on, once found the room was dimly lit with the light glow from the large bulbs circling my mirror, I turned to face Louis who had removed his phone and wallet from the back pocket of his jeans, the depths of his stunning eyes stared at me as I fiddled with my hands, I knew my nervousness was clear, receiving a small smile from Louis.

“Come here.” His long fingers extended to me, my feet moving toward him to accept the gesture, I swallowed down my anxiety, biting on my lower lip, Louis’ left arm slid around my back, gently enticing me closer. “You’re safe. I’ll keep you safe.” He whispered. And I believed him, I knew Louis would stop at nothing to protect me, it was difficult to describe to anyone how our relationship had begun, but more so how it had developed, I could trust Louis with practically anything, is this what it felt like to be in love? To be so engulfed in someone, to want to give them everything.

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