The Girl

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*The girl's POV*

Ok *panting* I think *panting* they're gone. I've been running for days, darn it! Look what I'm doing for Raven to not explode huh? Ugh...wait, THE TOWER! Finally!

I knock on the door and no response. Huh, I knock again and I hear footsteps so I wait. They're still not responding, Jeez. I knock a bit harder this time and hear a voice saying:

"I'm coming, I'm coming!"
I think I know that voice.
"What?" Asked...
"Raven! Exactly the person I needed to talk to!"
"Umm...what do you mean?"
"Ok look. Your mom told me to do this a LOOOONG time ago to do it now."
"Er...I don't think I understand"
"Ugh...let it go. Arella said that-"
"How do you know my mother?"
"Look. No time to explain . I don't- err, you don't have much time"
"What is this?" She asked a bit angry
"Ok. Let me tell you then. You keep your emotions inside and never show them because of your powers , right?"
"Uh huh. And?"
"Because you kept them locked inside for too long, you have 1 week to show them all in front of people, or else you will...well...explode....litterally"
"How do you know this is true?"
"Because, your mother told me, remember?"
"Oh. Right. And are you gonna stay here?"
"Umm no. I don't think you need to be watched if you do this"
"Well...I guess I don't wanna die so...I'll do it. But you still aren't coming. I can do this, ok?" She said showing a bit of emotion in her voice
"It looks like you already started to show them a bit. Ok, I'll come again after this week to see if you....exploded or not. Bye" I say and leave

*Raven's POV*

Ok so...I have 1 week to show my emotions. Wait, do I have to tell them about this thing or not? Ugh...I didn't ask. I guess I should tell them or they'll freak out. I thought. Maybe it'll work even if I would tell them.

"Guys, I need to tell you something" I call them in the common room and they come up pretty fast.
"What's wrong?" Asked Robin
"Sit down everyone. I have something to tell you"
", have something to tell us? You never do that, I think it's serious" said Cyborg concerned already
"Somehow" I respond

They sit down by the table and I stand on my feet in front of them.

" *inhale* I keep my emotions inside and never show them because of my powers, so because I kept them inside for too long, I have 1 week to show them or else I will...explode....litterally..."
"Whoa. That's kind yet not cool" said Beast Boy.

By the way, he grown up a lot, to be clear I'm the shortest Titan now. It sucks. But he's not that kid anymore, with that many stupid bad jokes and stuff, he's a little more mature. What am I saying? This is Beast Boy! The cute and- hold up. I called him cute? Ok...I think I'm already falling for him. Great...

" will show your emotions from now on?" Asked Starfire excited
"Only for one week. I think"
They all moan at that.
"It would've been more fun if you would show emotions more often" said Beast Boy
"But my powers-"
"Don't you think that if you need to show emotions this week you will have to not think about your powers, right?" said Cyborg.
"Right..." I mumble
", when does it all start?" Asked Robin hesitantly
"I think from now on" I say letting Happy take control for a second wich made everyone come and hug me after a gasp.
"Right, ok. You can stop now " I say

Maybe this isn't a bad thing. I mean, maybe my powers aren't gonna get out of control because of this. I hope so...


*Beast Boy's POV*'s...7 ??? How did I wake up so early?! Ugh...nevermind. I'll go take a shower.
I got to the common room and see only Raven up.

"Morning Rae" I say waving at her
"Morning Gar" she said still asleep, I guess.
"Wait, did you just call me Gar?"

I wasn't upset, I actually loved when she called me that. She was the only one to call me that's our thing now I guess. I call her Rae and she calls me Gar. I had a crush on her from like...a long time ago and I'm hoping that now that she shows emotions she would tell me how she feels...if she feels anything for me...

"Any problem with that?" She said with a giggle.
Damn that giggle is music to my ears.
"Not at all" I say getting closer to her face, smiling and then got away from her letting her with a blush.
"O-ok then" she put her hood up and walked away from me a bit to make her tea.
"So, How's it going with showing emotions?" I ask breaking the little silence
"Well...good, I guess. Nothing blew up and I guess that means Cyborg was right"
"Uh huh" I said in a kind of jelousy
"What?" I asked
"Are-are you jelouse?" She asked blushing and hesitantly
"Well..." I got closer to her "If you put it that way." I got her pined to the counter "Somehow" I whispered in her ear and go to the couch . I could see her blush from there so I smirked.

She got on the couch to read her book and I was getting bored , so I transformed into a kitty and jumped in her lap to fall asleep. Of course she tried to push me off but I stuck my claws in her leotard so she couldn't push me. She gave up and started to pet me. To make it better for me, I transformed into my human form and I turned out to be, somehow hugging her and my head was on her tummy and my body between her legs. I smiled as she trails her fingers through my hair and fall asleep.

I will make you confess something to me and if you don't....I'll do it for you by saying my feelings....hope you'll feel the same.
How did you guys like this chapter? Is it ok fo a start of a BBRae book? I know, I know I made too many BBRae thinhs already, but I can't get over it 😅. See ya in the next chapter!

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