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Mage's POV

It's already 12 nn. Jack and I haven't talked since yesterday, It has been 19 hours. He also left after we fought. I am so worried. He doesn't have a phone.. How can I know if something bad happened to him? No, nothing bad happened to him. Think positive Mage. Ugh, this is all my fault.

After a couple of minutes looking at the ceiling, I decided to went downstairs to the living room. Mom and dad aren't home. Nana and Witty are on the market.

"Hey, I missed you." I turned to the TV. What the fudge, really?

I turned off the TV and went upstairs thinking to call Katy, I am planning to do some meet and greet today for free if ever there will be people willing to meet me. But on the other side, I don't want to use them. Like, I am just going to meet them because I am bored, no I don't want that. What will I do?

*Ding* *Dong* *Ding* *Dong*

I went downstairs to the front door. Weird, they all have keys. I opened the front door to reveal Jack. Jack! Well, except for Jack. He doesn't have a key. Anyway, it's Jack!

"Hello, is Mage Silvers there?" He asked gentleman-like.

"Yes, she is here." I said while smiling like an idiot.

"Can you please hand this to her?" He asked while raising a bouquet. I blushed which made Jack smirked.

"You idiot." I said while snatching the bouquet from him.

"So that's your way in saying thank you? New word." He said while rolling his eyes at me.

"Oh, thank you my idiot." I said and he blushed and I chuckled. It's good that he's blushing.

"So what? Are we just gonna stand here? Come in." I said and he rolled his eyes. I missed him.

"I thought you're not gonna come home. I was so worried you know." I said while walking to the living room. I turned around and saw that he didn't followed me.

Now, I am talking to my- "Boo!" He shouted and I shrieked. I glared at him and he laughed while rolling on the floor. I felt some type of déjà vu. The next thing I know.. Is that I am laughing with him. After a minute or so, we ended up watching some chick-flick movie. At first he is complaining every now and then because of the movie I chose but halfway through the movie he fell into a deep silent which makes me curious.

"Hey, what are you thinking?" I asked sweetly and he smiled.

"It's just that I remembered, I shouldn't have fought with you yesterday. I shouldn't have opened your phone in the first place, you're right, that's your privacy. I haven't said sorry." He said while smiling.

"It's fine. Let's just forget about it. I'm sorry too.." I said and he kissed my cheek which made me blushed like a complete fool. I turned my head to the TV which made him chuckled. After that awkward situation, we continued watching the movie while laughing and talking about random things.


Mage's POV

"You two, time for dinner. Be downstairs in 5 okay?" Mom said and we nodded while smiling.

"Come on, idiotic man." I said while pulling him with me.

"Slow down, idiotic woman." He said making me chuckled.

"Wait wait. Give me a kiss first." He said while pointing his cheeks.

"No, no, and no. Hurry up or mom will kill us." I said and he shook his head while smirking.

"Not until you give me a kiss." He said teasingly and I rolled my eyes.

"Okay, just one." I said and kissed his cheek, making him chuckled.

"Now, come on and stop fooling around idiotic man." I said while sticking my tongue out.

We went downstairs to the dining room and saw mom and dad waiting for us.

"Okay, now that you're both here.. we can start eating." Mom said.

"Sorry." I said while smiling.

"It's fine." Dad said.. smiling back.

"So Jack, where was you last night? I checked on your room and you aren't there." Mom said.

"I am out last night Aunt." Jack answered lowering his head.

"Ah, I see." Mom said while nodding her head.

"Okay, catch us up." Dad said.

We talked, laughed, talked and laughed all dinner. It was fun tho.


Mage's POV

"You're a cheater!" I shouted and Jack's eyes widened.