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strong language

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strong language

MARLA & RICHIE DIDN'T SPEAK the following week and it absolutely, completely, totally crushed the tozier boy. he was confused, mostly, but angry as well. he had done nothing wrong, not even anything small. infact, all he was was nice to the more popular girl for the entire weekend that had occurred recently. that fact made stanley uris's thick, seeping blood boil and sizzle; anyone who came near him could see that he was beyond pissed.

"richie, did you seriously think that marla borne would stay your friend?" stanley had stated in a question, eddie nodding his head in agreement with stan. the uris boy was annoyed, and for once, not with richie. he was absolutely infuriated that marla would lead richie on like she had, and then completely ignore him the week after. what had richie ever done to her?

"yeah, well; speaking of the devil," stanley swallowed hard, his prominent adam's apple bopping and tucking into his lean neck as he averted his eyes from his circle of friends towards another pasty table in the cafeteria. sat at the rounded, blue table were a group of three girls; usually five.
they were unusually quiet, chewing slowly and swallowing thickly. april's cheeks were flushed a heavy shade of crimson. the deep coloured champagne stained cheeks of bailey did no justice in contrasting against her tanned skin. she was scowling whilst staring down at her bowl of sad, drooping salad; drenched in salad dressing, making the crumbled feta cheese turn even softer than it should be.

bailey, megan, and april were suffocated in the silence of their table, hard scowls plastered over all of their oblong facial structures. megan met the eye of stan, and flared her nostrils, strewing her eyebrows together into a thin line and sending him a loud look, a loud look filled to the brim with hatred, before turning back to april and nodding her head towards the group of seven.
april craned her bony hand upwards and curled up her middle finger, nail coated in a transparent milky pink, and flipped the seven of them off, specially richie tozier.

"jesus, what the fuck wedged it's way up her ass this morning?" beverly questioned, sending the girl a middle finger right back and scowling at her; scrunching her button nose up and sticking her tongue outwards.

stan tried to bite back a smirk at his fiery friend's outburst but failed miserably, breaking out into a lippy, warm smile.

richie ignored the laughter that erupted from the six mouths of his friend's, but instead stayed focused on the group of four girls, confusion flooding his brain like a storm.

"where's marla?"

"seriously, richie? she's been ignoring you the entire week and you still want to know where she is?" eddie remarked in utter frustration, rolling his eyes.

"no, it's just, ugh, she's not at her fucking table you guys," richie said in defence, sighing and running a hand through his messy hair.

"she's not worth your time,"

meanwhile, marla was cornered into the corner of derry high's girls' bathroom, cowering next to the porcelain sink as she cradled her swollen, purple cheek in her origami-like hands, cheeks stained with glassy tears as she let out another muffled sob.
"slut, i can't believe you spent the weekend with that, that, god, that loser," amelia brooks spat the borne girl, now leaning majority of her weight onto the dirty, white porcelained sink behind her, one hand still grasping her bruised cheek.
"did you fuck? because i swear if you fucke-"

"jesus amelia, mind your own fucking business. and no, we didn't fuck!"

amelia placed her hands flat against marla's collar bones and gave her a shove, pushing her backwards into the firm sink. marla's back arched back violently and her mouth fell open, a deep, loud groan falling from inbetween her lips as she fell to the ground beneath her, knocking her forehead against the grimy tiles.

that'll surely bruise

the brooks teenager sauntered over to where marla had been shoved, and crouched to reach her level with a pout, platinum eyebrows arched with fake sympathy.

"if you ever hang out with that loser again, i'll tell everybody about your perfect little family; about how your oh so perfect mother left and hasn't come back since, not even on your birthdays. or about how your father is out every weekend on a 'business trip', hm? about how no one loves you, not even your mother," amelias eyes stared into marlas eyes and into her head, ripping her apart peice by peice and zoning down onto her soul; one of which was slowly crushing.

mother. what mother? marla had absolutly no one in her life to call mother.

mom, mum, ma.

because she didnt leave her, she died.

but amelia was right. amelia brooks was completely correct and she hated it.

apart from her dead mother, no one loved the borne girl, and marla hated herself for it.

amelia grabbed marla's chin and yanked it forwards to look her in the eye.

"we wouldn't want that, now would we?" she spat, top lip curving inwards towards her bottom lip, snarling at the girl within her iron clasp.

her grip on the borne girl's face tightened, manicured nails digging into the skin of her lower cheeks. pain seeped its way through marla's feet and up her calves, plowing through her thighs and brutally kicking her in the back, stinging her in the face.

shaking, she shook her head.


and with that, amelia brooks released her grip on the innocent girl and left the bathroom, not before checking herself in the mirror and swiping a bead of sweat off her forehead.


okay so this sucks lol
& im running out of ideas for this book

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