Chapter 8

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{Raine }

"Keith where are we going?" I asked beside him in his car. I noticed Keith has been a little weird since he picked me up . He hasn't really talked much and he's been quiet since we been in the car.

Then he pulled into a parking lot of a restaurant. "I got to talk to you about something important Raine" he said sighing rubbing his face.

I turned his way facing him . "What is it ?" I asked curious.

"Rainey I really really like you and we have been friends for years now but I met up with Ryan again" he said .

{Ryan is his ex girlfriend but real life girlfriend the beautiful Ryan Destiny }

"So your telling me your back with Ryan now ? How long Keith?"

"Rainey were not back together....we just met up two weeks ago and are trying to figure things out, I wanted to tell you but I didn't know how to. But I really do like you Rainey I wasn't lying about that" he said ."

"Melo was right " I mumbled to myself .

"What?" He asked looking at me.

"Nothing can you take me home please " I said turning away from him.

"Is that what you want?" He asked.

"Yes just get me home now please " I said .

"Rainey I'm really sor-

"Save it Keith just take me home " I said .

He drove out of the restaurant parking lot and took me home .

"How was your game tonight ?"
I asked Melo since he called me later that day .

"It was ok, we won though " he said .

"How was your date ?" He asked.

"What is Gelo doing ?" I asked .

"He just ordered us some food and he on the phone with his girlfriend but like I said how was the date?" He kept pressing the subject.

"Why are you so pressed to know Melo?"I asked him .

"Damn a nigga can't ask about his friend day now?" He asked .

I sighed "you were right " I mumbled.

"I was what?" He asked bringing his phone to his ear.

"You were right Melo damn !"

"So what really happened today ?" He asked.

"He told me he's trying to work things out with his ex" I said rolling my eyes.

"Damn Raine I'm sorry forget that nigga, that's his lost but don't worry it was just a minor setback for a major comeback " he said .

"You really think so?" I asked him.

"Rainey I know so " he said .

That night ugly and I just talked on the phone for hours until we fell asleep neither of us wanting to get off well he didn't .


{10 days until Melo comes back}

{LaMelo }

"I'm so ready to get the hell out of here" Gelo said to me.
"Yea I know I'm ready to see everybody " I said .

"What about Raine?" He asked me.

"Yea I miss her too" I said smiling to myself thinking about her .

"I know y'all like each other " he said .

"Nah it's not like that Rainey and I are just real cool she like a sister" I said .

"Nah fuck that y'all be on the phone like almost every night since you been here that's not brother and sister type of shit" he said .

"Rainey don't like me that and I don't like her like that" I said .

"Want to find out ?" Gelo said taking out his phone .


{Raine }
My mom and dad were having date night so I was at home watching my two little sisters with Jasmine .

"Rainey I want juice" my little sister Rylie said to me.

"Come on I'll get it for you" I said walking into the kitchen.

"Rylie mom brought Danimals, do you want one?" I asked her looking inside of the refrigerator. My little sisters and I love those yogurts their really good.

"Yessss"!! She said .

I gave her one and got two for me and Ryan.

We walked into the living room and I gave one to Ryan and smiled "thank youuuu" they said . Then they went back on there tablets watching kid videos on YouTube .

"Denise baby is so cute"Jasmine said on her phone .

"Yea she is , she look just like her and Zo" .

My phone started ringing , I looked at the caller I.D and seen it was Gelo.

"Aye what up Rainey"

"Hey Gelo nothing much just watching my sisters with Jasmine while my parents are out ."

"That's cool but this is what's up I called you to asked you a question ".

"Ok what is it ?"

"You like LaMelo ?"

Author's Note: Cut it short there haha sorry guys I guess you have to wait until the next chapter to see what happens 😂📝. So what do you guys think ? Comment down below !

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