Sebastian smiled. "The great warrior in the flesh. Your reputation precedes you."

"As does yours."

He then turned to Clary. "You must be Clary. Valentine's daughter."

Clary sighed. "Yeah. Don't hold it against me."

"Well, we don't choose our parents." Sebastian pointed out.

"So tell us about Azazel. How do we take him down?" Jace asked.

Sebastian then started to explain and I made sure to listen. If this demon was so powerful...

"The only way to banish him is to puncture his demonic core." He explained. "In corporeal form, it's between the T8 and T9 vertebrae, but it's not that simple. The core is about the size of a pea."

"Oh, so the entry point's right below his sternum?" I asked.

"Mm-hmm." He said.

Jace turned to us. "If I can get close enough, I can kill him."

"You wouldn't have enough velocity, and even if you did, the defeat's only temporary." Sebastian contradicted. "The nasty buggers always find a way to break out of their realm and come back."

Alec turned to him. "Thank you for the intel. We'll take it from here."

Sebastian looked as if he was about to protest, but was calm when he said, "If I can, I'd like to help."

"We appreciate that, but you don't have clearance to go on mission. Not this Institute." Alec told him.

Izzy gave Alec a look. "Alec, you can't be serious."

"Hey, Alec. Look. He clearly knows more than us about Azazel." Jace sided with Sebastian and Izzy. "We could use all the help we could get."

When Alec reluctantly agreed, Sebastian continued. "Now, as far as tracking is concerned, we should really think about-"

"We have a very capable warlock for that." Alec interrupted as I gaped at him. "You do what you want. I'm gonna work with Magnus."

Alec began walking away and I rushed after him, wrapping my hand around his wrist and pulling him back. "Alec, what has gotten into you?" I pressed.

"Something's wrong, and I can't explain it." He sighed.

"If this is about Sebastian Verlac showing up, don't. He saved Izzy's life and he's still here, giving us help even though he's not obligated to." I sighed. "And besides, we owe Magnus enough. We can't keep relying on downworlders."

Alec exhaled deeply. "You have a point," he grudgingly admitted. "But can I talk to him first? You know he also has knowledge about this. Maybe we can compare what we know with what...Sebastian knows."

"Go, then." I said, standing on my tip-toes to kiss him on the cheek.

• • •

"He's still screaming bullshit?" I asked as I heard Valentine scream, claiming that he's Magnus.

Raj nodded and I scowled. "I'm going down there."

"I know you're listening! Please! I'm not Valentine! I'm Magnus Bane!" He pleaded.

Reaching the basement level, I pushed the door open, annoyed. "Stop with the lies, Valentine!" I demanded.

Valentine looked at me with relief in his eyes. "Ames, thank God you're here. You have to listen to me-"

I scoffed, moving away from him. "Shut up, and not another word, or so help me, God, I'll end you before you know it. This sick game of yours is over."

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