"Morning, mother," I greeted. "Alec said you have something to tell us?"

"Good morning to you as well. And yes. Let's just wait for Alec." My mother replied.

On cue, Alec walked in, and sat down opposite from my mother. She clasped her hands together. "I must announce that the wedding preparations are finished. We just need a date."

Alec and I exchanged looks, and suddenly, I was filled with dread. "Within this week, perhaps?"

I suddenly felt queasy. "Maybe."

Upon leaving the OPs Center, I felt a hand clasp my arm and turn me around.

It turned out to be Alec, eyebrows etched along with a confused expression. "Uhm, hi?" I stated awkwardly.

"What was that back there?" He accused.


He rolled his eyes. "That change of attitude with the whole 'we just need a date' thing. Is there something bothering you? About this arranged marriage?"

I didn't dare look him in the eye. "I just...what if you regret it?"

He looked at me incredulously. "What do you mean if I regret it?"

I finally looked at him, sighing. "What if you regret this marriage?" I suddenly wanted the ground to swallow me whole. "Alec, I know this is about following orders, but...I-is marriage something you really want? What if you suddenly regret being married to me? What if-"

He cuts me off with a kiss and I melt into it. He pulled away all too soon. "And why would I regret it? It's a win-win situation. I get to honor my family and I get to spend the rest of my life with the woman I love."

Alec gave me another kiss as I smiled softly. "Where did you even get these crazy thoughts?" He asked.

I only wrapped my arms around him, not caring if the Institute was watching our exchange. Shrugging, I tugged on his hand. "Come on, Lightwood. We have a demon to kill."

• • •

"Azazel's attacks go as far south as the meat-packing district." Alec said as we huddled around. "And then the trail goes cold."

"It's no use just tracking the dead bodies. With his ability to dematerialize, he could be anywhere." Jace added.

Suddenly a voice that I missed all too much spoke. I was clingy, I know. "Maybe we can help."

"Izzy!" I exclaimed, walking up to give her a hug. The girl was looking healthier than ever.

"We've been so worried about you. Where have you been?"

"Looking for Azazel." Izzy replied. She turned to the blonde companion beside her. "This is Sebastian Verlac, from the London Institute."

I held out my hand to him and he shook it. "Amelia Branwell."

"When the demon came after me, Sebastian saved my life." Izzy explained.

Thank Raziel.

"Oh, I simply lent a hand." Sebastian waved off.

"Sebastian's an expert on all things Azazel." Izzy continued.

"When I studied abroad at the Paris Institute, I specialized in greater demons." Sebastian elaborated.

Alec turned to him. "Thanks for saving my sister. I'm Alec."

"Hey. Yeah, thank you." Jace said. "I'm Jace."

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